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Spy Tech Investigations Are you confident that your home and business are secure? Both your personal and business privacy can easily be compromised in your home, office or vehicle. Our team of investigators with more than 50 years of combined investigative experience. We also have licensed investigators who are highly experienced former Federal Agents who have performed investigations both nationally and internationally, and Hispanic investigators for our many non-English speaking clients.

We hold licenses in private investigation and law. We have the skills to find the evidence needed paired with the knowledge needed for a successful court case. One of the most professional, intelligent and highly responsive experiences I've ever had. Timely information, courteous demeanor and helpful advice are just a few of the benefits of working with Rick at Spy Tech Investigations.

Highest recommendation is easily passed on! I needed a private investigator skilled in cyber investigation services in the Tampa area. After much research, I found Spy Tech Investigations.

read more › Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa provides a comprehensive array of investigative services in Tampa and throughout Florida. Our team of licensed private detectives includes highly experienced former federal agents and an in-house practicing attorney. From covert surveillance to Technical Service Counter Measures (TSCM) for electronic eavesdropping bugs, Spy Tech Investigators in Tampa have industry leading training and experience that is unrivaled. In addition to Florida, we are currently licensed to perform investigations in 13 states with more nationwide licensing in the process.

read more › There are many reasons why Spy Tech Investigations is hired to perform a background check. Spy Tech provides a discreet overview of the history of an employee, relative, fiance, lover, housekeeper, landlord, babysitter, caregiver or nanny as well as many others. Some of the historical data provided includes current/past addresses, vehicle ownership, civil & criminal court history, bankruptcies, evictions, judgments & liens and much more. New Tenant and business Due Diligence background screens have always served an important role in protecting the business owner.

read more › Spy Tech provides years of experience in locating even the most reluctant witness, deadbeat dad, heir, debtor or defendant. Also known as a "SKIP TRACE" we have a remarkable history of successfully finding our target individual. Factors affecting the MISSING PERSON LOCATES include the amount of time the target has been missing and how adamant they are in remaining "missing". Regardless of the reason, we have PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS who are former federal operatives with years of national and international experience in locating people.

read more › Identity theft is as common as it is difficult to prove. Identity thieves work in the shadows and on the internet to acquire identifying information about their unsuspecting victims. Spy Tech private detectives in Tampa have the experience and resources to trace and eventually identify these criminals. Our forensic specialists can follow the trail of digital "bread crumbs" typically left behind that can lead directly to the culprit. It is critical to initiate an identity theft investigation as soon as possible because the thief will not linger, and will usually move on to other victims in a very short period of time.

read more › If you own a bar or restaurant, are you confident that your profits are what they could, and should be, or do you have some concerns? Do you know if your servers are making proper pours? If you allow employees to have alcohol, do they properly account for it on the point of sale machine so you can efficiently keep track? If you allow your servers to occasionally give out free drinks, do they properly record it when they do? There are many ways that your business might be losing a great deal of money.

read more › Even if you are the victim in a car accident, the at-fault party and their insurer often try to place the blame on you. It is a mistake to rely on photos and police reports to prove you are not liable because they offer limited protection against those making a false claim. To adequately protect yourself, it is critical to seek the help of an experienced professional private investigator in Tampa. Typically, law enforcement agencies are buried in hundreds of car accident investigations and simply don't have the time or resources to thoroughly investigate all of the claims for potential fraud.

read more › Surveillance provides the framework for any competent PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR in TAMPA. In most cases, it is by far the best, and often the only option when investigating an individual's movements, habits and personal contacts. Whether it is a cheating spouse or lover, insurance fraud, worker's compensation fraud, bodily injury, stalking or employee theft, there is simply no better way to document concrete facts that with video and photographic evidence. Simply stated, our experienced investigators are surveillance specialists.

read more › Do you think your cell phone or computer has been hacked? Cyber crimes are becoming an increasingly common threat to businesses and individuals throughout the world. At Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa, our experienced cyber investigations specialists are unmatched in tracking down hackers, product counterfeiters, grey market/unauthorized sellers and cyber criminals for a wide range of corporations, celebrities, law firms and individuals. Businesses are often vulnerable to cyber intrusion and must take all available measures to protect their trade secrets and intellectual property.

read more › SPY TECH INVESTIGATIONS in Tampa can provide experienced escorts & bodyguards if you have a situation or environment whether long term or transitory, where an individual may confront a physically hazardous situation. Our licensed investigators in Tampa include former federal operatives with years of national and international experience in a wide range of investigative cases. We can provide any level of protection including executive, personal, business, family and property. General CELEBRITY PROTECTION can be provided for a variety of celebrities including athletes, musicians, and actors.

read more › In Florida, White Collar Crime accounts for billions of dollars in losses every year. Embezzlement, Fraud, Corporate Espionage, Grey Market Sellers, Product Diversion, Non-Compete Violations are just a few. Led by Florida's only practicing Investigative Attorney, Spy Tech Investigations provides businesses with in-depth White Collar Crime Investigations. Providing a combination of investigative expertise and an advanced knowledge of the law pertaining to White Collar Crime in Florida. Spy Tech Investigations creates a unique and highly effective method to investigating white collar crime.

read more › Due to the incredible advances in technology, whether business or personal, security should be your foremost consideration. Spy Tech Investigations in Tampa is experienced in evaluating your needs and devising strategic plans to implement a comprehensive security plan. Spy Tech security consultants are experienced undercover operatives and provide counter surveillance based on the specific circumstances of the case. We have the luxury of offering a wide range of licensed male and female investigators of varying ages that can seamlessly assimilate into virtually any workplace completely unnoticed.

read more › Are you confident that your home and business are secure? In our technologically advanced world, you may be a victim of illegally placed covert video and audio eavesdropping devices. Both your personal and business privacy can easily be compromised in your home, corporate office and vehicle. You need to take affirmative steps to insure your sense of security, hard work and ideas are protected. The electronic bug detection technicians at Spy Tech Investigations can help you regain your privacy anywhere in Florida.

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