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Using our experience and knowledge in the investigations sector to help you achieve your investigative goals while staying completely under your budget. Spytek Investigations is dedicated to ensuring your case is given the attention it truly deserves. Our professional team of investigative Agents specializes in various investigation types ranging from domestic investigations to locating missing individuals.

Our team is compiled of professional private investigators with numerous years of investigative experience. We work with your best interest in mind so you can rest assured that your case is being handled by one of the most trusted teams of investigative professionals in Tampa, Florida. Our agents have worked on hundreds of cases across the State of Florida and have helped countless clients find the truth they desperately needed.

If you are ready to enlist the help of one of our agents, please do not hesitate to contact us! Spytek Investigations offers an absolutely unmatched level of service in Tampa Florida and the surrounding areas.

read more › Using our training and experience to provide our clients with the proof they need in order to regain the peace of mind they deserve. Our team of investigative agents at SpyTek Investigations are completely committed to seeing success in your case. We not only offer the best investigative services in Tampa, Florida at an affordable rate, but we do our best to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We equip all of our agents with industry leading technology, training, and strategies in order to collect all of the facts.

read more › The founder, Jamie Henderson has 15 years of experience in the public sector in Private Investigations, Loss Prevention, and Corrections/Probation. During his tenure in those fields his work ethics have been exemplary. Mr. Henderson has a Bachelor's degree in Justice and Public Safety Administration with a certificate in Conflict Management. Mr. Henderson attends training two to three times a year to stay current with laws, regulations and surveillance technology. He brings to the company a wealth of knowledge and experience.

read more › When it comes to Service of Process we understand that the challenge isn't just delivering the documents to their destination. Our agents are experts in locating individuals, this allows us to better serve our clients needing Service of Process. Our agents will gather information on the subject, including their place of employment, addresses, vehicles owned, and other information needed to quickly locate an individual. With this information in hand, our agent will make multiple attempts if needed to deliver your documents.

read more › In today's world, divorce is more common than ever, sadly even after the divorce is settled, the battle is not necessarily over. We take child custody cases extremely serious, ultimately, we want your child to placed in the safest environment available. Our agents will trail your ex spouse during their visitation time, and attempt to discover any potentially unsafe situations your child might be placed in. We will take note of the living situation, the area your child will be in during visitation, any people they come in contact with, and all illegal activities that your child is being exposed to while under their care.

read more › General surveillance is our most requested service we offer, surveillance can help you accomplish a wide range of goals. Whether you are concerned about infidelity, insurance fraud, activity checks, or even looking for evidence of crimes, our team can help you. Every one of our investigators is armed with high definition video cameras, as well as the latest investigative equipment on the market. Our services can help a wide range of clients, including businesses, individuals and even attorneys.

read more › Whether you need a background investigation for personal reasons, or are a business screening a potential employee, Spytek Investigations is the careful eye you need. Our team has access to the largest databases within the United States which we use during our investigation to uncover as much information as possible. We take the information and decipher it according to your needs, in order to provide you the most relevant information available. We believe this truly separates us from out competitors, because we are able to provide you a truly customized experience as well as simplified results.

read more › Worker's Compensation is currently on the rise, and both employees and employers are contributing to the rise in worker's compensation cases. Whether you are an employer trying to invalidate a fraudulent claim, or an employee who was denied a valid worker's compensation claim, Spytek Investigations is here to help you. Our investigators understand the industry and understand the current laws behind worker's compensation. This allows us to better aid you by understanding the red flags we need to look for.

read more › Due to regulation and policies, your local law enforcement is not the most reliable in missing persons cases. The sheer number of missing persons is too much for a single agency to invest the appropriate amount of time into an investigation. That is where we come in, SpyTek Investigations not only has the resources, but the time to invest into your investigation. Our team will conduct a free consultation with you and gather as much information from you as possible. We will use this information to jump start our investigation and immediately work on the leads we are provided.

read more › Please use the form attached to send us a confidential E-mail, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Please be advised that due to the nature of the investigations industry, we will only share case information with the client. If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your case, we will not be able to respond by means of this contact form. You will have to contact our offices directly so that we may verify your identity properly. We are a professional private investigations agency providing discreet and comprehensive private investigation services to Tampa, Florida and the surrounding cities.

read more › Spytek Investigations also specializes in executive protection, our protection team is trained to be able to spot and prevent any hazardous situations before they begin. Unlike other executive protection providers who are reactive in nature, our team focuses on being proactive in order to prevent the danger from ever arising. If you need professional VIP protection in Tampa, Florida, or anywhere in the State of Florida, Spytek is here to help you. We will conduct an initial consultation with all of our clients in order to truly understand what you need and the amount of protection required.

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