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Our team of private investigators will help you develop an investigative strategy to uncover the facts. Whether you need personal investigations or complex investigative services, our team is here to assist you. Cowan Investigations is a full-service New Jersey Private Investigation Firm founded by Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan. We truly believe that trust is an absolute foundation for any investigation.

This is why over the years, we have worked diligently to develop and build upon the trust that our clients have provided us. We have worked in the investigative industry long enough to understand that clients expect more than just high-tech gear and effort, our clients expect results. This trust along with our tenacity for investigations has contributed to our outstanding success rate.

Our team includes Jersey City Police Captain Joe Ascolese (Ret), Deputy Chief Tom Cowan (Ret), and (Ret) Captain Brian Duval from the Hudson County Prosecutors Office. From street cops to Private Investigators, we are prepared to put our vast wealth of experience and knowledge to work for you.

read more › Cowan Investigations will have debugging inspections performed on your home office and/or vehicle by a Licensed New Jersey Private Investigator. Get started with a debugging expert you can trust. Contact Cowan Investigations, our Director of Forensic Investigations & Polygraphs, Michael Mancuso, is ready to start your investigation. Best of the Best! Worked with Bob during his tenure as the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department. All I can say is that you will be getting what you pay for with this results driven company.

read more › Brian Duval, a retired captain from the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, is the Director of Criminal and Civil Litigation Department at Cowan Investigations. Captain Duval has impressive law enforcement credentials particularly in the area of criminal investigations. At the time of Captain Duval's Retirement, Captain Duval was responsible for all aspects of pre-and post-case indictments. Captain Duval's Twenty-Nine Year Law Enforcement Career included the commanding of four squads in the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office with responsibility for investigating all Sexual Assault and Abuse Cases involving adult and juvenile victims.

read more › Doug is a Forensic security expert with a sterling reputation for combining analytical talents in physical and cyber security to create the ultimate defense system for an organization. Doug has vast experience mitigating internal/external threats to protect company assets. His reputation has earned personal partnerships with law enforcement as having been an instrumental part of major investigations and was called upon as an expert witness in computer forensic investigations to testify during high-profile cases.

read more › Michael, This is an an anonymous news tip but it has been fully verified. The HCPO is now in possession of all this evidence proving criminal acts by Fulop, this lawyer (and secret campaign funder) O'Donnell and others O'Donnell seems to be working for. Read the pay to play law, check the ELEC filings and family connections. This could turn into the biggest pay to play scandal in NJ history and thought it was up your alley. Remaining anonymous to avoid workplace retribution. Attached to that email was a document dissecting O'Donnell's pay-to-play scheme.

read more › Have you been ordered to pay alimony as part of your divorce settlement? Alimony, also known as spousal support, is necessary for some people. Alimony is paid above child support and helps the low-earning spouse reach their daily living expenses, but some people try to take advantage of the law and commit spousal support fraud. Until recently, reducing or stopping alimony payments was difficult in the State of New Jersey. But in 2014, the state passed a bill that implemented long-overdue changes to the Alimony Law that leveled the playing field as it relates to cohabitation.

read more › Former Jersey City Police Chief Bob Cowan addressing grammar school children at the Ethical Community Charter School in Jersey City. A child custody investigation is a serious matter that has important repercussions for the well-being of your children. Bob has a thirty-five-year background in NJ law Enforcement and has extensive experience in the practical application of laws pertaining to child custody such as child endangerment/child abuse, domestic violence, and juvenile law. Recognizing the gravity of such issues, Bob directly participates in and oversees all child custody investigations.

read more › If your gut is telling you that something in your marriage or relationship is just not right, and you suspect your partner may be cheating, then, unfortunately, our experience shows that your instincts are probably correct. The New Jersey Infidelity Investigators at Cowan Investigations will uncover the evidence you need to confirm whether your partner is cheating or not. To schedule a free 30-minute, confidential consultation, call Cowan Investigations today. Our team has 35 years of experience dealing with domestic issues and knows that an unfaithful spouse is not only emotionally traumatic but also one of the most prevalent causes of divorce.

read more › Are you the victim of cell phone spying? As a New Jersey Private Investigator, you would be shocked on how many calls I receive by nervous men or woman that think they are being spied on. Anyone can be the target of cellular spying, however, some people can be at a greater risk than others. Are you going through a divorce, separated, public official, celebrity, insurance claimant or are you involved in a business dispute? Is your sensitive information being compromised? Smart Phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Windows Mobile, and Symbian Mobile Devices have an (OS) operating system and can be bugged with spyware.

read more › Employees are often your best defense against dishonest employees, but they can also be a thief's ally. Those who know how the business is run have an idea of which vulnerabilities to exploit and will take advantage if given an opportunity; it doesn't matter what safeguards you put in place or risk management practices that you institute when someone knows where all the security holes lie. Recent times have seen even more valuable losses than theft: time itself has become most people's most valued commodity - especially for those working in both public and private sectors alike.

read more › Cowan Investigations is a New Jersey Private Investigator firm that can find hidden assets needed to be located for a variety of legal purposes. Many people would think that the acquiring of banking information is illegal, in most instances, you would be right. However, there is an exception where a New Jersey Private Investigator can obtain this information for those that have a legal interest in obtaining hidden asset information. There is no need to worry that your bank, brokerage firm or the subject of the search will be contacted, Cowan Investigations never pretexts.

read more › Comprehensive Background investigations are essential for a myriad of situations including protecting the health, welfare, and rights of children. Don't be fooled by the plethora of "cheap" background checks offered online. Remember, you get what you pay for. The experienced and competent New Jersey background investigators here at Cowan Investigations have resources that are only available to NJ private investigators, which will get you the information you are looking for. Cowan Investigations proudly serves private citizens all across New Jersey including Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, and Bergen Counties of NJ.

read more › Our New Jersey Private Investigator Firm specializes in identifying and responding to online threats which is critical to either you, your family, or your business. Our Social Media Analysts monitor millions of deep and dark websites, hundreds of social media platforms, and countless blogs, message boards, and other sites with user-generated content to identify threatening posts, threat actors, and other intelligence. Our monitoring aims to identify physical threats, cyber threats, and reputationally damaging posts targeting corporations, executives, and private clients.

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