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Bari Kroll frequently provides expert consultation to a host of TV and news media outlets. B. Lauren Investigations is a fully licensed and insured New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania Private Investigation firm headquartered in Monmouth County, NJ. The agency specializes in private investigations for a variety of family related issues including infidelity, child custody, teen trace and premarital investigations.

As a consultant for several local and national news media outlets including Fox News, NBC, the Maury Show, Verizon Fios News1, Two River Times, Star Ledger and Asbury Park Press, Bari Kroll and B. Lauren Investigations is a contributor of expert knowledge for a variety of topics affecting families and corporations today.

We provide corporate and legal support services for a variety of professions including top litigation attorneys, insurance companies and businesses to include background investigations, employee theft, skip tracing and asset recovery.B. Lauren Investigations (BLI) is a full service Private Detective Agency licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

read more › B. Lauren Investigations (BLI) is a full service Private Detective Agency licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. BLI provides industry leading expertise and the highest level of client service to each and every case. Owner, Bari Kroll has assembled a handpicked team of professional investigators whose skillful use of technology and commitment to on-going education enables BLI to remain on the cutting edge of the private investigation industry. Bari Kroll is active and knowledgeable in each and every case from the initial consultation to the commencement of your investigation.

read more › Surveillance is a common aspect of a private investigator's job and likely what most people think of when they think about what private investigators do. While it is not the only part of the job, it is used in many investigations. The goal of surveillance is to observe a person, place, or object in order to document interactions or activities that involve the subject of the investigation. Through surveillance we can gather quality, court-admissible evidence in a discreet, confidential way. Infidelity Investigations - If you suspect your spouse or partner is being dishonest about where they are going or who they are with, surveillance can help us uncover the truth.

read more › With more than 17,000 medical malpractice lawsuits filed in the United States each year, medical malpractice defense is critical for medical professionals to protect their reputation, their practice, and their careers. B. Lauren Investigations has investigated hundreds of suspect medical malpractice cases providing video recorded indisputable evidence about the true extent of the claimed injury. Once hired to defend a medical malpractice case, the team at B. Lauren Investigations will attempt to gather as much information as possible about the incident to to determine the legitimacy of the claim.

read more › Unfortunately, there are those employees that will and do steal in a variety of ways from their employer, and not just from the supply closet. Do you suspect an employee of shifting sales? Have your accounting reports been telling you something you need to know about your on-staff bookkeeper? Protect yourself from unproductive employees, time wasters, internet surfers and social website addicts, as this is all a form of corporate theft. Our services also include loading dock surveillance and employee decoys for observation of internal affairs.

read more › Find out why top rated insurance firms use B. Lauren Investigations when they suspect that a claimant is committing fraud. BLI will thoroughly review documents and depositions to assist in determining the best course of action for a quick settlement. In addition to surveillance, BLI will conduct extensive deep web Internet research to mine for pertinent information and evidence in regards to the claimant's current lifestyle and hobbies, which can be used to prove false or exaggerated claims. B. Lauren Investigations (BLI) is a full service Private Detective Agency owned and operated by renowned private investigator Bari Kroll.

read more › Workers compensation provides a monetary payout to employees injured during the course of their employment. Workers compensation fraud occurs when an employee, or employer, tries to game the system and lie in order to manipulate the size of the payout. Employees lying about or exaggerating their injuries is the most common form of workers compensation fraud. Private investigators use a variety of skills and tools to get the information they need during a workers compensation fraud investigation.

read more › B. Lauren Investigations is experienced in working with many types of domestic issues. We have conducted private investigations for civil cases, which have positively impacted the results our clients have in court. B. Lauren Investigations (BLI) is a full service Private Detective Agency owned and operated by renowned private investigator Bari Kroll. B. Lauren Investigations specializes in a wide range of corporate and private investigations, conducting investigations throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

read more › Do you sometimes have doubts that a person in your life isn't who they say they are, or is hiding some crucial information about themselves? At B. Lauren Investigations, our experienced team has the skill and resources to perform thorough, in-depth background investigations in New Jersey, New York and nationwide. We adapt to our clients unique situations and use everything at our disposal to get you the best information available in a timely, confidential manner. While no two background investigation cases are ever the same, there are some common reasons clients reach out to us for our service.

read more › The team at BLI has years of experience with missing persons investigations, and we bring our passion and expertise to all of our clients looking to track someone down. Missing persons cases can vary greatly in the scope of the investigation and amount of time and resources required. Prior to our investigation, we will discuss expectations for the case and possible outcomes. We will pursue your objective in a discreet, professional, and timely manner. Your investigation will start with a confidential consultation with Ms. Kroll or a case manager to go over the details of your case.

read more › Do you suspect your spouse or partner is hiding something from you? There is a strong chance you might be right. Cheating is a much more common occurrence than most people want to believe. According to The Monogamy Myth by Peggy Vaughan, an estimated 60% of men and 40% of women will have an extramarital affair. Infidelity investigations are one of the most common reasons people hire a private investigator. B. Lauren Investigations specializes in educating our clients on what to look for in a cheating spouse and will help you find the truth and evidence to back it up.

read more › Are you still paying alimony to an ex-spouse that you suspect is living with a new partner? If so, there are steps you can take toward ending your alimony payments. The team at B. Lauren Investigations has the experience and resources to perform a thorough cohabitation investigation and uncover sufficient evidence to prove your case in a court of law. A cohabitation investigation is an investigation to find out if a person receiving court ordered alimony payments has begun cohabiting with a new partner, thus terminating any requirement for the investigating party to make future payments.

read more › Sometimes child custody arrangements need to be reevaluated in a divorce or separation. The parent awarded custody may not be suitable as the primary caregiver. In some cases, even visitation may not be appropriate. The other parent may have started dating someone with a questionable past or possible criminal background, or may be using a babysitter who might not be fit to care for your children. Using various surveillance techniques, B. Lauren Investigations can chronicle the other parent's behavior during their planned visitation to determine illicit or inappropriate activity while your child is in their care.

read more › In the broadest terms, a fraud investigation is used to determine whether a person or party has been the victim of a scam by another person or party. Gathering evidence that a scam has taken place is the main focus of the investigation. The term Fraud covers a variety of illegal activities, from insurance fraud to identity theft. While common in corporate settings, fraud investigation can also be conducted to uncover a variety of possible cases of fraud in your personal life. Identity Theft/Identity Fraud - Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information and uses it to make fraudulent transactions with your money.

read more › A corporate investigation is an investigation into a corporation, business, or organization to discover any wrongdoing committed by an employee, manager, or even outside parties. Not all corporate investigations are the same, and sometimes an investigator will be brought in to look for specific suspected misconduct. At B. Lauren Investigations, we have experience with a wide range of corporate investigations in New Jersey and New York. When businesses reach out to BLI, they usually have a specific issue they want to investigate.

read more › Have you ever tried to contact someone only to find out they've "skipped town" with no forwarding address? Skip tracing is a type of investigation where the primary goal is to locate these people. Skip tracing cases are similar to missing persons investigations or other situations where an investigator is hired to track down a difficult to find person. Skip tracing investigations are often carried out to find people who owe somebody a debt or are needed for legal proceedings. During a skip tracing case, investigators will try to find important information such as the missing person's current address, place of work, phone number or other contact information, along with evidence to support these findings.

read more › Investigative due diligence (also called a due diligence investigation) is a type of corporate investigation in which an investigator does a deep dive into upcoming business decisions to make sure there are no major risks or undisclosed issues from the other parties involved. A lot is at stake in large business dealings, such as money, time, security, and reputation. Before entering into any major agreements, you want to be sure potential partners or key players are on the up and up before forming a financial relationship.

read more › In the broadest terms, a fraud investigation is used to determine whether a person or party has been the victim of a scam by another person or party. Gathering evidence that a scam has taken place is the main focus of the investigation. The term Fraud covers a variety of illegal activities, from insurance fraud to identity theft. A fraud investigation can be conducted in a variety of corporate situations. Serious cases of fraud can cause a lot of damage to a business. Not only can fraud cause financial loss, it can also negatively impact the reputation of a business.

read more › B. Lauren Investigations offers lunch and learn style CLE classes as a benefit to our clients and their firms. We will be adding new classes in Spring 2020, as well as expanding our learning platforms to include Webinar style classes. We welcome any suggestions for topics you would like to see offered. Be sure to check back and watch for more information in our upcoming Newsletters. Contact us at [email protected] for more information, to suggest a CLE topic, or to schedule one of the available CLE classes.

read more › A licensed private investigator can provide quality, court-admissible evidence and back it up with expert court testimony. Observations by a third party not involved have more merit in court. In some situations, attempting to acquire evidence yourself could endanger you or your family. The investigators at BLI are trained, experienced, discreet professionals who know how to get the most useful evidence. Some forms of evidence are only court-admissible if handled by a licensed private investigator.

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