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API Investigative Services API INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES is a full service, licensed private investigative agency providing a wide range of professional and confidential private investigations to attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, small businesses, and the general public. We specialize in surveillance techniques that provide our clients with the proof and results for their individual case needs.

API INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES is a northeast Florida-based private investigative agency that provides positive results, throughout Florida, nationwide, and many countries throughout the world, through our network of professional associates. With a combined background of over 16 years between local law enforcement and private investigations, we have the dedication and experience to handle all your case needs for both criminal and civil law.

All of our investigators are fully licensed per state statute, and are fully trained to handle every case need. For all our investigations, we utilize the highest quality state-of-the-art surveillance and other electronic equipment to capture the irrefutable video and photographic evidence necessary to prove your case.

read more › Is your loved one, friend, family, or child MISSING? These cases are very time sensitive many times, do not hesitate to call us even after notifying law enforcement. We have over a decade in handling Missing Persons Cases and we know how these cases can turn cold and no longer pursued by law enforcement. With law enforcement being inundated with caseloads that can't be thoroughly handled, we can handle your case and provide prompt, professional, thorough, and personal help that you deserve and expect!

read more › We have over 10 years' experience with Criminal and Civil Investigations as a Northeast Florida Deputy Sheriff. We can provide a thorough and professional opinion in all criminal and civil investigations for your specific case needs, both before, and after retaining legal representation. Have you already retained legal counsel? We work hand and hand with your attorney/s throughout the case to obtain positive results for you!. No matter the charge, we can offer our professional services to help you in your particular situation.

read more › Don't let law enforcement do the only investigation, Gather your own information and intelligence. Don't take their word for it that they have your best interest in mind. Surveillance is conducted for Infidelity investigations, employee investigations, fraud investigations, theft investigations, civil investigations, insurance investigations and many more. Surveillance is extremely useful for evaluating your subject, documenting their daily activities, who they meet with, lifestyle or whatever other fact you are looking to obtain.

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