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PI Services, a full service investigations company. Providing services for Private Investigations, Surveillance, Locating People & Assets, Background Checks, Phone Trace/Locate, Process Serving, Small Claims & Writ of Garnishments Assistance, Information Retrieval and more. Description of all services, pricing and request forms are located on this website.

We primary assist Attorneys, Corporations, Collection Departments, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Nannie Companies, Private Investigators and Process Servers around the USA. We also assist the General Public. We can help you. Private Investigations: State-Licensed Private Investigators are ready to assist you with over 33 years of experience in investigation & surveillance.

We tailor our investigations around your needs, getting you the results you need with personalized service and trusted advice. Just give us a call or email to see how we can help you. Process Serving: We serve documents from coast to coast. Email or mail us your documents.

read more › We tailor our investigations around your needs and have been doing so for our Clients for 23 years. Call our office in Oregon if you would like a no charge consultation with a licensed Private Investigator, everything is confidential. We charge $75-$95 per hour for investigations. Business Background Profile - Does the business you are dealing with have any assets or issues?. Client's Personal Witness Assistant- We will be at your side when you need a witness to document an event. Court Records Research - Document Retrieval - Need info from a court file or copies from a court file?.

read more › Our process servers are professionals. Each one has a minimum of 10 years experience. We are always diligent and crafty when we need to be. We pride ourselves in doing whatever is legally and ethically necessary to complete service of process for our clients. Law Firms, Process Servers, Investigators, Collectors and other Companies: Please fill out our Process Service Head Sheet (PDF). Send it and relevant documents to us via email. Request an account to have us invoice you. You will always receive an email confirmation from our office.

read more › If you have not filed a case, but would like to, then we can help you get through the entire Oregon Small Claims process. Get your case filed without all the stress, confusion, worry and multiple trips to the Courthouse. Prepare a Default Judgment (unless the defendant pays in full or pays the court to request a trial). Prepare a request for Transcriptions and Docketing of Judgment and email it to the client (only if the claim is under $3000 and if requested). Send copies of the Claim, Proof of Service, Default Judgment & Cost Declaration to our clients.

read more › After a Judgment is obtained we can assist you with Garnishing bank accounts and/or employment wages. All costs are added to the amount the subject owes you. If you already know where the subject works and/or the name of the bank, then it's time to get started! Having an Oregon Attorney review and issue the Writ of Garnishment (saving time and court fees). Serving the Writ of Garnishment at the Place of Employment or Banking Institution by an insured (required) professional Process Server. Filing the original proof of service and a copy of the Writ of Garnishment & Debt Calculation with the court.

read more › Are you an Employer or Organization that could use background checks on your potential employees, volunteers or renters? Please give us a call so we can talk about how we can help you. The people we do background searches on are not notified they are the subject of a search. No one will no know you are checking on them. It's public record and you have a right to check so you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Please do not trust offers you see online that promise they will do nationwide background checks in all states for one fee.

read more › We can take care of preparing the eviction forms, filing the forms with the court and advancing court fees. Then we will immediate rush to get the occupants served. We will file the proof of service with the court and send you a copy of your records. We would also recommend doing a Small Claims case as well, so you get back rent and funds to cover any damages.

read more › We service Clients in the Portland Metro Area and all surrounding cities, from there lets see where the vehicle goes? Give us a call for a free consultation! Do you know where your spouse/partner is? Do you know how your children, Nanny or your employees drive your vehicle? Are they traveling to strange locations at unexpected times? Are they coming home late a few days a week or do they have plans that do not include you? How often are they speeding or sneaking out? Are they really going where they tell you they are going?

read more › If you received an invoice, we would prefer you please mail a check to our office and list our invoice numbers with payment. First time clients, pre-pay clients or any client can make a payment with Credit or Debit card. Before you proceed, please read this entire page first. After you click Pay Now, you must "enter a description". Enter our PI Invoice number(s). If you do not have an invoice number then enter a description of your request or the subjects name or the company name or case number, etc. Next enter the amount you are paying in the price per item box.

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