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The Leak Detectives can help with all of your pipe locating needs with speed, efficiency, and professionalism. We have the equipment and the expertise to quickly and accurately find those elusive pipes. Do you need to know the location of utilities that aren't covered by Call Before You Dig 811? We have the equipment and expertise to accurately find them for you.

Here at The Leak Detectives we know the dynamics of providing customers with high quality service. We strive to put customers at ease by making sure that each job is done correctly and that they are left completely satisfied. With over 35 years of experience, we are the company that you can rely on to provide you with prompt quality service. We take the time to explain options and recommend the best course of action to solve the problem no matter what your needs are.

A: Yes, we can locate leaks in pressurized water pipe though cement slabs, asphalt driveways, gravel, grass, you name it. A: If you have an active leak but don't want to rip out a whole ceiling or wall looking for the source we can find it for you.

read more › If you think you have a leak but do not know where it is, The Leak Detectives can help. Our equipment and expertise allow us to locate underground leaks accurately so you know where to dig and repair. Going this route helps you avoid more costly fixes, like having your water line replaced. Even if you can see a soggy area or water coming up through pavement, having your leak located before digging can save you time and money because where you see the water can often be farther away from the leak than you think.

read more › Do you have moisture coming into your basement and can't figure out why? Or water dripping out of your ceiling and you don't want to demolish the whole ceiling looking for the source? We use a range of technologies including moisture meters, infrared, and inspection cameras to find the source of your indoor leak with minimal damage to walls and ceilings. In most cases one or two 1 inch diameter holes in the affected area are the only permanent marks we leave.

read more › When there is a high water bill or water mysteriously showing up inside or out of a rented space, it can be hard to determine who to call first to diagnose the problem. The Leak Detectives can save you time by performing a leak survey. We can tell you exactly what your problem is and, if it is due to a leak, where it is located so you can know who to call to make a repair. We can locate leaks in and around commercial buildings, single and multifamily rentals, restaurants, you name it. Give us a call to trouble shoot or make an appointment.

read more › My husband was ready to install the fence and would have cost us a fortune in plumbing repairs if you had not located the lines! He was very impressed and I am very relieved to have prevented disaster! We want you to know how pleased we are with your service. You were on time, you were ridiculously accurate in finding our 2 leaks-to the inch-and you came a second time when we needed it. You even called to find out if we were able to fix the problem-which we did. Your idea to put a one-inch pipe inside the two-inch pipe would have worked except we discovered we had already used one-inch during construction.

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