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We can tailor a security contract to your event and venue. We can provide you with the protection your business, events, and attendees need. Eagle Watch Protection Services utilizes the best tactics, that have been proven successful world-wide. Contact us for a free evaluation to see how Eagle Watch Protection Services can serve you. Eagle Watch Protection Services is an elite team of highly trained Specialists providing three areas of services; Executive Protection, Structural Security, and Private Investigations.

Armed or unarmed services are available around the world. In a world of uncertainty, Eagle Watch Protection Services can minimize your risk and stress. We provide protection through information security, electronic eavesdropping, and most importantly, professional and discreet service. Eagle Watch Protection Services utilizes the tactics of The Israeli's International Security Academy, which is considered the best in the world.

We train our specialists to use these same tactics to achieve the highest level of security for our clients.

read more › Our team is mentally and physically dedicated. We have trained with the best, the International Security Academy in Israel and the Israeli International Security School in the U.S. We believe that training and discipline equals protection. Our team goes to great lengths in preparation in an effort to ensure the safety and well being of all our clients. Eagle Watch Protection Services offers Private Investigative Services with sound Law Enforcement experience that has been tried and tested through the Florida legal system.

read more › Below you will find details of the services offered by Eagle Watch Protection Services. The list is by no means exhaustive, and please do not hesitate to contact us for details of our full range of services which can be tailored to match your requirements. The trends of electronic protection and surveillance systems has grown to the level that it is hard for service providers to stay on top of these new developments. The level of systems today can alleviate some of the financial burdens of manpower with new false alarm verification applications to international alarm and monitoring systems.

read more › We offer the finest services in personal protection. Our services are tailored to meet your needs. For this reason, we are raising the bar in protection through staying on the cutting edge of training. Why is this important to you? Your adversary no doubt is doing the same. All agents are in top physical condition, shielding clients from threats is about brains not brawn. There are different type of protection needs that include a specific threat, reputation concerns, paparazzi, and elements that deal with one's status or position.

read more › Eagle Watch Protection Services offers professional security throughout the state of Florida. Each security specialist is well prepared for the event assigned to them and exhibits professional appearance and conduct. They are well trained in spotting potential trouble spots as well being able to handle them effectively. Detailed documentation of any issues during your event will be provided for your records and/or court appearances (if needed). Each specialist for that reason is trained in learning to recognize the elements of a crime, observation techniques, and communication skills.

read more › The Israeli International Security Academy's goal is to produce an absolutely first class protection specialist, ready for "high risk" employment worldwide. They achieve this goal by maintaining an excellent student teacher ratio. Their focus is on realism and hands on training - and they do not hold back. The training consist of detailed instructions from various proven professionals who emphasize detail. One must come to the training highly motivated and fit. Most of all they need to come with a positive attitude and a desire to learn.

read more › Not only do we personally and physically protect our clients, their families, and properties to avoid them becoming victims of crime - we also have resources to promote and protect their reputation, to assist them during a serious event. If EWPS is not part of your team, how would you handle public attacks on social media against you, protesters or threats directed toward you business, or a situation involving a missing family member or employee? What is your response plan? Who will you contact, what will you say to reporters, how will you get the media and law enforcement to help you during a crisis and beyond?

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