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Midknight's Private Investigations We are a full service licensed and insured investigative agency located in the Lakeland/Tampa Bay area, serving professional and private clients throughout the State of Florida as well as nationwide. We specialize in Domestic and Infidelity, Child Custody, General Insurance Fraud Investigations, Locate, Background Checks, Skiptracing, Residential Locates, Surveillance, Investigating Teenager's Activities and a range of other services.

No matter the circumstances, we'll treat you with respect. We guarantee effective and aggressive investigations. Our reputation and history of successful investigations speaks for itself. We are dedicated to achieving the best outcome and getting the best results for every client. With us on your side, you're sure to come out on top. With accurate investigation service from qualified professional investigators, you can face any issue or concern head-on, without undue stress.

Our investigators are focused and driven to minimize or eliminate any potential legal situations that you may encounter.

read more › MidKnight's Private Investigations provides cost-effective, result-based solutions for mitigating potential fraud. Disability fraud is on the rise. There are many different types of disability fraud ranging from workers compensation, social security, to fake car crashes. Disability fraud occurs when someone makes a false claim for injury that did not actually take place and is the recipient of payment(s) intended for the disabled from a government agency or private insurance company. MidKnight's Private Investigation specializes in two forms of insurance claims investigations.

read more › When your future means everything to you and you're serious about the results, hire the right partner. We have investigators that specialize in infidelity cases. Through discreet surveillance and undercover operations, our investigators will assist you in determining if your spouse or significant other is committing infidelity. We will document all their activities, places visited, and also, identify who they meet with. In addition, we can obtain video and/or photography documentation of all activities and of all suspects.

read more › With divorce rates being so high, we strongly recommend premarital investigations regardless of the circumstances. The results of not conducting a pre-marital investigation can include loss of property, money and security. In divorce cases, our investigations have revealed adulterous relationships, hidden assets, and even other children. In a divorce case you should gain all of the leverage you need to ensure your future security for yourself and for your children. MidKnight's Private Investigations can obtain the evidence you need.

read more › Battling for child custody can be one of the most painful experiences any parent or guardian could ever endure. If you know in your heart that you deserve custody of your child/children, do not step into court without sufficient evidence from a private investigator to make your case. Often the future of your child and how your child will be raised will be greatly impacted by the outcome of your child's custody case. While most custodial parents share the child's best interest with the non-custodial parents, some do not.

read more › To learn the profession of private investigations by following direction, learning the resourcefulness needed to succeed in completing assignments, learn to prepare reports, learn how to conduct surveillance, and to learn to locate individuals by retrieving any and all information necessary to accomplish this task. To be ethical and honest and provide a quality work product to our clients within the guidelines of the law and policies and procedures set forth by Midknight's Private Investigations, LLC.

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