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George Scheld Investigations Built on trust, professionalism, and integrity, our firm is your best choice when it comes to objective and unbiased matrimonial investigations. Whether we're on foot, in a vehicle, or facing various scenarios in rural or urban settings, we know what to do when you need someone observed. Go into court ready to fight. Let our experienced team connect you with helpful experts and witnesses, while supplying relevant records, too.

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured entity operating under a New York State private investigator's license and a general adjuster's license. We also are certified paralegals.

read more › Our locally owned private investigation firm is fully licensed and draws on 35 years of work in the business. We are attentive to detail both in our investigations and when we talk to you about your situation. Call George Scheld Investigations today at 631-360-1380. We're available 24/7. For the purpose of increasing your chances of reaching a favorable outcome, we secure evidence and information through time-tested techniques. Our primary tool, however, is surveillance, which we use to document infidelity, insurance fraud, employment, illegal activities, and abuse.

read more › Because it has been improperly glamorized by Hollywood, surveillance is one of the most misunderstood parts of a private investigation. Nevertheless, it is key to the work performed by George Scheld Investigations. Our 35 years of experience have taught us where to position our operatives on foot, in stationary vehicles, and in mobile scenarios. Moreover, we know the differences that come to play in rural versus urban surveillance and we know how to deal with the complicating factors that come with each setting.

read more › At George Scheld Investigations Inc, trial preparation has become one of our signature services, in large part because of our founder's legal background and experience. George Scheld has a graduate degree as a paralegal and a minor in criminal justice. Over the years, we've prepared more than 1,000 cases for trial, creating a level of experience and expertise that few other investigators can approach. Our approach to helping you prevail in a trial setting is comprehensive and based on strict attention to detail.

read more › When it comes to investigating suspicious Workers' Compensation claims, George Scheld Investigations Inc knows that the best approach is through fieldwork and effective surveillance. We watch claimants who allege they're unable to work or to engage in routine physical activity. Our success rate is based in large part on the continued relationship that exists between you as the employer and your employee, as well as the plethora of current and accurate contact information available on the claimant.

read more › A significant portion of the work at George Scheld Investigations Inc involves locating individuals for a variety of reasons. Our ability to locate people depends in large part on the amount of information you can supply our office. We'll have excellent results when you can give us essential information. But even if you don't have that information, the extensive databases available today and the presence of the internet allow us to achieve great results. We know how to use the technology available to get the job done.

read more › Increasingly, George Scheld Investigations Inc is being asked to conduct background checks on individuals and corporations. Our client requests range from simply screening employees to major investigations involving assets, affiliations, and activities. George Scheld Investigations offers two levels of background checks, with the first level being essential skeletal information. These low-level investigations also may include identifying neighbors in the vicinity of all developed addresses, relatives, and acquaintances.

read more › George Scheld Investigations Inc operates under a New York State General Adjuster's license that allows us to look into issues involving liability with property claims and also allows us to identify subrogation targets. Our investigations of liability claims for casualty insurance - including automobile insurance, freight losses, marine losses, and more - is fairly straightforward. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured entity operating under a New York State private investigator's license and a general adjuster's license.

read more › Get well-trained and professional asset security services from George Scheld Investigations Inc. In the retail industry and at food and beverage establishments, we can help you prevent losses due to internal and external theft. We analyze losses and develop protocols and procedures that minimize future losses. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured entity operating under a New York State private investigator's license and a general adjuster's license. We also are certified paralegals.

read more › Life and health claims are so complex that many private investigators will not take the cases. Research includes a range of challenges, including medical terminology and an understanding of customary practices for a wide range of professionals. At George Scheld Investigations Inc, we not only take on these cases but we give seminars to other fraud examiners, CPAs, attorneys, and claims representatives! Our success rate is unparalleled and we've been directly responsible for the criminal prosecution of seven medical providers.

read more › Over the past 35 years, George Scheld Investigations Inc has successfully pursued a number of interesting and important cases. These successes show the breadth and depth of our investigative skills. In a high profile spousal contract killing on Staten Island, New York, the female defendant was acquitted of all murder charges in the shooting death of her husband but the verdict was under serious scrutiny in the community. The husband and wife involved were an affluent couple in Staten Island and the court appointed an attorney to represent the interests of their infant children in the estate.

read more › George Scheld Investigations documented the neglect and abuse of my handicapped son by a nanny who we trusted for more than one year. The video was horrific and Mr. Scheld thankfully did not let my wife or I watch it without him being present. He provided a level of comfort and assurance during one of the hardest times of our lives. The video evidence was used to successfully prosecute the woman and although we will never have total closure because we allowed it to go on for an unknown period of time, Mr. Scheld has given us some peace of mind.

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