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SK Worldwide SK Worldwide, Ltd. specializes in a variety of corporate investigative services including brand protection, corporate and private investigations, digital forensics and forensic accounting. Our clients come to us for our experience and stay with us because of their trust in our results. At SK Worldwide, Ltd., we provide custom solutions to complex problems and strive to secure the best possible outcomes, ethically and with integrity.

SK Worldwide, Ltd. specializes in a variety of brand protection services geared towards the protection of our client's valuable intellectual property. SK Worldwide, Ltd.'s digital forensics experts provide the highest level of state of the art digital forensics services that are reliable, thorough, and admissible in court. Forensic accounting is a highly specialized and detailed endeavor that SK Worldwide, Ltd. conducts with their team of certified and experienced forensic accountants.

Because SK Worldwide, Ltd. is also an investigation firm, our forensic accounting is complemented by experienced researchers and investigators who ensure that no stone goes unturned.

read more › With over 35 years of combined experience, co-founders Susan Peterson and Kelly Mattmuller started SK Worldwide, Ltd. in 2017 to be able to continue to provide their clients with the highest quality corporate investigative services. Previously, Ms. Peterson worked with globally renowned investigations firm Kessler International for 25 years as Vice President and Ms. Mattmuller worked at Kessler International for over 15 years as Assistant Vice President. After the passing of Kessler International's President, Michael G. Kessler, they decided to continue working in the field of corporate investigations, inspired by Mr. Kessler's lifelong commitment to operating in the field with integrity and honesty.

read more › At SK Worldwide, Ltd., we realize the importance of professional associations and the availability of resources that comes with being a part of different professional communities. As members of the associations below, we endeavor to expand our global network and stay on the cutting edge of the investigative industry.

read more › SK Worldwide, Ltd. has over 40 years of experience with all types of counterfeiting operations. We have proprietary databases filled with decades of intelligence and the latest information about the network of players. The biggest problem is that many people believe counterfeiting is a harmless crime. They feel no remorse when they purchase counterfeit items-hey, it's just another great deal. What they don't realize, however, is that counterfeit merchandise can also be fatal. It's one thing to buy a counterfeit t-shirt bearing the name of a well-known designer, but quite another to purchase counterfeit heart medication.

read more › SK Worldwide is familiar with the signs of product diversion. Because of our experience in this field, we are to identify the paper trail cost-effectively and efficiently. Product diversion has never been one of the most obvious methods of intellectual property theft. After all, the goods are genuine, no factories are needed, and manufacturers are still receiving compensation for their products. But when a company expects to extend its reach overseas and gets swindled by a diverter who distributes the products in unintended markets, it can have a serious effect on that business's bottom line.

read more › A tremendous amount of personal information is stored, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, on our cell phones and mobile devices. Because data that has been forensically retrieved from cell phones is court admissible, the quality and integrity of cell phone forensic techniques is crucial. Cell and mobile phone forensics is the science of recovering data from a mobile phone or other hand-held device in a forensically sound environment. Cell phone forensics can include full data retrieval, retrieval of data on a device's SIM/USIM and/or the optional memory cards.

read more › In our current technology-driven society, mobile phones, computers and tablets are essential components of everyday existence. Around the globe, corporations and individuals rely on these complex digital devices to facilitate their day to day routines. These devices are plagued with security flaws, unwanted junk mail and vulnerable data. Digital evidence is increasingly important and prevalent in all manner of civil and criminal litigation, and is often concealed, scrubbed or deleted, becoming difficult to recover without the assistance of a qualified professional digital forensics firm.

read more › At SK Worldwide, Ltd., our team combines traditional auditing and accounting skills with legal and criminal investigative training and expertise to obtain a "three-dimensional" view of a client's finances. SK Worldwide's team of certified forensic accountants, investigators and researchers use their specialized skills and experience to dig below the surface, uncovering and interpreting critical information that many traditional accountants will overlook or ignore. More importantly, we'll help you put together and implement systems and controls to help prevent internal or external fraud from ever threatening your business again.

read more › Every successful company in today's highly-competitive marketplace knows that there's no such thing as too much information. Any business venture, from merging with a rival company to hiring a new employee, should be met with as much preparation and intelligence as possible. When your reputation and financial stability is at stake, anything less than the most accurate, up-to-date information is simply courting disaster. SK Worldwide, Ltd. knows that a proactive, forward-thinking approach is the key to staying a step ahead of the competition, and we have the tools and experience to provide you with the precise, timely information you need to succeed.

read more › Our services can be tailored to suit the needs of any company and can include undercover purchases, on-site visits, photographs, or videos. SK Worldwide Ltd.'s extensive list of prestigious clients includes Fortune 500 companies, top Intellectual Property firms and brand owners. Our investigations are without compare and without compromise, and our long list of loyal clients as well as over 40 years of combined experience in the industry attest to the quality of our work. Our clients can rest assured that SK Worldwide, Ltd. conducts investigations with the utmost confidentiality.

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