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Since 1970, Gene Phillips, Inc provides professional investigation services throughout home State of Tennessee and select areas of the United States. Providing professional private investigation services, to professional people, in a professional way, since 1970. Tennessee Covert Surveillance Regardless of the objective, much can be learned by observations of a person of interest, to determine their known associates, employment or general level of activity.

Surveillance is a minute by minute evaluation process. The surveillant has to. FELA claim investigations. What is F.E.L.A.? The Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA) was enacted by Congress in 1908 to provide benefits for railroad workers who sustain injuries in the scope of their employment. Unlike State Worker's Compensation laws which provide.

Tennessee Workers compensation investigations. Investigating a workers compensation case can call for expert surveillance tactics. When you hire Nashville private investigator Gene Phillips you get not only a first class PI but a trained expert in the art of video surveillance.

read more › There are certain areas, such as the Appalachian Mountains, that require extreme covert surveillance techniques to document evidence for a variety of objectives! We evaluate the terrain, determine what is required for an effective, safe and positive result! Special operations require a minimum of two investigators, and possibly a 3rd, depending on geographic location, for safety of our operatives and an effective result. Investigators in the field are self supervised. Investigation and surveillance assignments are a minute to minute evaluation process.

read more › Looking for a Chattanooga private investigator? You need Tennessee investigator Gene Phillips. Gene performs private investigations in Chattanooga as well as throughout Tennessee. Whether its a murder defense case for a lawyer or a cheating spouse requiring around the clock surveillance, Gene Phillips can handle all of your investigative needs. When you need an investigator in Chattanooga contact Gene Phillips Inc. We are steadfast and reliable an can handle any of your investigation needs from corporate investigations to private.

read more › Most States require a license through a State Regulatory Board that require each Private Investigator and Private Investigation Company to take test to insure training, qualifications, and experience before issuing a license. They also require so many annual hours of continuing education, BEFORE renewing any license. This is to protect businesses and the public, who rely on this profession to be qualified, as is your physician, attorney or accountant. Many Private Investigators have gained some of their experience from law enforcement, the military and\or from the private sector.

read more › Regardless of the objective, much can be learned by observations of a person or place of interest! To determine activity of a residence or business, and with individuals, their associates, employment or general level of activity. The most need/request for Covert Surveillance focuses on questionable disability claims and infidelity. Surveillance is a minute by minute evaluation process. The surveillant has to be constantly alert to monitor all activity, to evaluate and implement effective strategy to meet the objective, while never compromising the safety of themselves or others, while maintaining covert status.

read more › Pre-employment; potential business partner; romantic interest; locating witnesses; heirs; deadbeat dads for child support enforcement. Many of you have already experienced the brilliance of our Research Analyst, by locating individuals of interest that attempt to leave a dusty trail, to escape a variety of civil interest. Regardless of geographic location, it's virtually impossible for anyone to escape this team of professionals! All conducted in such a way the person of interest has no knowledge of this background research!

read more › Investigating a workers compensation claim can call for expert surveillance tactics. When you hire Nashville private investigator Gene Phillips, you not only get a first class PI, but a trained expert in the art of video surveillance. Worker's Compensation is supposed to be there to provide funds for employees who have been injured while on the job. Occasionally there comes indication of a questionable or exaggerated claim of disability. Gene Phillips, Inc. works with the defense team by investigating and documenting the credibility of the claim of injury and the extent of any continuing physical complications, for their evaluation and disposition.

read more › Gene Phillips, Inc. specializes in helping Attorneys gather evidence for trial or use as a settlement tool. It's a constant flow of information to and from the Law Offices, through personal contact, telephone or e-mail. Surveillance: Questionable disability claims, suspicious employee activity away from the work place, suspected infidelity, child neglect or abuse are all very good reasons to monitor someone's activity or actions. Gene Phillips, Inc. "Surveillance Teams" at any given time may consist of "Special OPS" alumni of our Army, Navy and Marines or ex-Law Enforcement and are totally qualified and equipped to accomplish any surveillance situation.

read more › Our hourly rate is $95 per hour, for one investigator. Surveillance situations may require a second investigator for effective strategy. Our hourly rate for that second investigator is $75 per hour. When you assign the file, you and our official decide an initial dollar authority, so no one is surprised when the bill arrives. You then determine any additional authority based on your evaluation of the initial investigation, suggestions and recommendations of the investigator. You are always in control of your assignment!

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