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Larkins Investigations Private investigators seem exotic in the movies and on television. However, in real life, there are numerous reasons to use investigative services. Before you look any further, consider the benefits of using our services. Larkins Investigations is Nashville's premium full-service private investigator company. We handle the full range of professional investigative services for business and personal matters.

We know how sensitive these matters are so we act with the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality. We handle every aspect of civil investigations from child custody and delicate paternity and infidelity questions. Why let lingering doubts cloud your relationship? We can help find the missing answers to vital questions. Consider the following scenarios to discover how we can help.

Insurance investigations are one of our specialties. We can assist in investigations for Worker's Compensation, Injuries, and SIU. Our team skillfully handles the entire process, including surveillance.

read more › Do you suspect a spouse of cheating? Unfortunately, human nature is quite finicky, indecisive and vulnerable to temptation. People always think that they can either do better, or that they want something new, or both. Sometimes, people think that they are lacking something from their current relationships. These things include sexual satisfaction and emotional satisfaction. A lack of sexual satisfaction can come from a loss of sexual desire for one's significant other, the fact that one's significant other won't perform certain acts and the fact that there is too much or too little sex.

read more › As a parent, the safety and well-being of your child is of utmost importance. You work hard to make sure that they are protected at all times and are always safe. It can be difficult to manage this when your child is not in your care for extended periods of time, specifically when with your ex-spouse or ex-partner. If you are uneasy about your child being with their other parent, you have the option of seeking assistance with ensuring that they are being properly taken care of. A Nashville Child Custody Investigator will get answers to questions you may have about the care offered by your ex-spouse or ex-partner.

read more › When a person goes missing time is of the essence when it comes to finding them. If you need help with a Nashville missing person case, then you need to hire the right missing person investigator. Whether it's a child, spouse or close friend there are important steps that you need to take immediately to ensure their safe return. While the police want to help everyone, they are overwhelmed by missing person cases and may not be able to give your case the attention it needs. There are important details that you will need to provide to the police but the stress of the situation may make it difficult to give law enforcement accurate information.

read more › Nothing is more important to you than the safety and well-being of your child. Your marriage may have ended, but your duties and responsibilities as a parent continue. If you have shared custody of your child with your ex, you have a right to know that your baby is not put in danger when they are with the other parent. If you believe that your ex is abusing, neglecting, or in any way mistreating your child, you must get proof. You must also gather concrete evidence if you suspect that your ex has violated the terms of the court-ordered custody and child support agreement.

read more › Lawyers win cases by way of gathering evidence that supports the claims of their clients. Getting to the truth is not always easy, and as a lawyer you do not have the time or expertise to carry out an investigation. You should instead employ professionals who possess the skill, knowledge, and experience to get the facts you need to win your case. You never know what kind of case you are going to get. If you are defending someone facing a criminal charge, then you will be going up against the state.

read more › Insurance fraud involves deceiving an insurance company to try to achieve a specific outcome. It is a common type of crime that happens within all insurance branches. This type of criminal activity can be very diverse because the severity of insurance fraud will depend on a couple of factors. These factors include the amount of money involved and the effect the insurance fraud had on the specific organization or individual. If you are someone who thinks they are a victim of an insurance fraud scheme, your best bet is to hire a Nashville TN private investigator.

read more › The aim of worker's compensation is to financially protect employees who have been injured on the job. If one of your employees was involved in an accident that they claim caused injury, then you may need to pay. However, if the claim appears fraudulent or you have good reason to believe that the claimant is not telling the whole truth, then you should investigate the case. If you are small business, you may not have the resources to do it on your own. You should instead hire a workman's compensation private investigator for the job.

read more › People are not always what they say they are. If you run a business, you must be sure about everyone you hire. You may be willing to employ people who have spent time in prison, but candidates for the job must tell the truth about their criminal background. The only way to verify the information given by prospective employees is to carry out a background check Nashville. This is best done with the help of a private investigator. Certain jobs require the handling of money, personal data, or sensitive information.

read more › Background checks are vital for potential employees and employers alike. With advancements in technology, it is easy for potential employees to forge accounts and report false information. That is why it's crucial employers perform an employment background check before hiring. What Are Pre Employment Background Checks? According to recent studies, nearly half of all job applicants provide false information. Employers use background checks to uncover unrevealed information about potential hirees.

read more › To protect your home, family, and business may take more than a security system. If you have concerns about your privacy, have recently suffered identity theft, or fear fraudulent accusations, hiring a service that offers TSCM protection may keep you and yours from harm. What Is TSCM? Technical Surveillance Counter Measures services, or TSCM, will check your home, vehicle and business for eavesdropping devices. These devices leave an electronic trail and will show up on one of our Bug Sweeps. At this time, we can also trace who's been in your home, business or vehicles with your knowledge.

read more › The United States Constitution guarantees due process for citizens who are the objects of legal actions. The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, for example, safeguard that no person can be "deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." From a procedural perspective, this means that law enforcement and courts can only take measures that fall within the bounds of the law and that are fair. This means that legal conduct must not only conform to the applicable laws, but place no undue burdens on defendants or the accused.

read more › If you are facing criminal charges and want to protect your future, consider the benefits of enlisting a Nashville criminal defense investigator. Your defense attorney will help stand up for your rights, but having a qualified lawyer might not be enough to give you the best results possible. A criminal defense private investigator works with your lawyer to give you the highest odds of getting the outcome you want and deserve. You don't want to take any chances when your future is on the line. When you take your case to trial and try proving your innocence, the work of a private detective could be the difference you need to reach your goal.

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