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The Dean Investigation Agency is a full service professional investigation agency in Columbia, SC and serving Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina in the areas of Infidelity, Domestic Investigations & Family Court Cases, Child Support and much more. Our agency motto is 'Investigation Results Gathered Through Diligence, Resourcefulness & Tenacity.'

This is the formula we feel is necessary for securing results in every investigation. Coupled with our professionalism and determination, our experienced team of investigators applies this philosophy to each case. We utilize only the latest video surveillance, night vision equipment and GPS Tracking to ensure accurate documentation. Our rates are competitive to other area investigative firms, however, we strive to be the most efficient, cost-effective and accurate of investigative agencies.

Professional references will be supplied upon request. When you require professional investigative services in NC, SC, GA & FL, contact the Dean Investigation Agency.

read more › During the unfortunate circumstance of an arrest, our investigation will assist you in corroborating your alibi through witness statements, identifying, locating and interviewing other potential material witnesses, verifying police statements, photographing crime scenes and of course providing professional courtroom testimony should your attorney deem necessary.

read more › Assistance from a private investigator can be vital in many circumstances, especially when extensive surveillance or research is involved. Private investigators often work to support legal actions by providing the evidence they've worked to unearth. You can ensure your legal case is solid by calling or visiting Dean Investigating Agency in Columbia, SC. Each of our investigators have an astounding commitment to maintaining resourcefulness, tenacity, and a dedication to delivering results. Our methods include GPS tracking, video surveillance, and many other powerful forms of accurate documentation.

read more › Providing legitimate proof or evidence that adultery has occurred can be next to impossible without help from a professional private investigator. The role of these investigators is to provide legal standing evidence via video surveillance, night vision tools, GPS tracking and other proven methods. Call on the professional private investigators at Dean Investigating Agency when you need help providing proof of adultery or infidelity. Our team strives to go above and beyond to provide much needed legal support to each and every one of our clients.

read more › If you or a loved one is being charged with a crime that they did not commit, a private investigator may be able to help provide evidence of their innocence and get them acquitted. You can greatly improve your chances of acquittal and a brighter future simply by hiring a P.I. for additional support. When it comes to criminal defense and the consequences at stake if sentenced, no one understands how to help you better than the team at Dean Investigating Agency. Our investigators have decades of experience working to provide legally binding evidence in criminal and family court.

read more › Child support is a right that many are cheated out of every single day. When you or a loved one needs help proving in court that their right to child support is being violated, hire a private investigator to gather the evidence needed to get you the compensation you deserve. The professional investigators at Dean Investigating Agency are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and the years of experience needed to get you the evidence you need. We have the ability to locate assets, employment status, bank accounts, and much more!

read more › Business owners always strive to establish and maintain safe workplaces for the sake of everyone they employ and sometimes accidents happen. However, not all workers compensation claims are based upon honesty. Employers have the right to protect themselves and their company by hiring a private investigator to help prove compensation fraud when it occurs. The investigators at Dean Investigating Agency in Columbia, SC have the tools and resourcefulness needed to help you out of an unfair legal situation.

read more › Nothing is more distressing than not knowing a loved ones whereabouts for an extended period of time. Private investigators are often hired to work closely with clients to locate additional evidence about where a missing person may be. The team at Dean Investigating Agency is committed to maintaining professionalism and tenacity throughout each and every missing person's case we counter. We utilize a combination of video surveillance, GPS tracking, bank account tracking, and many other innovative methods and tools to locate where someone may have gone missing.

read more › Running a background check is a resourceful way to maintain safety and security in your personal and professional life. A background check can reveal crucial information such as criminal records, proof of education, marriage and divorce licenses, and much more! Our extensive knowledge of cross-checking vital information through National Data Bank Sources enables us to provide you the answers you are looking for.

read more › Your private investigator will work for you and with your lawyer to gather any information necessary so you can win your case in family court. Whether the case is regarding child support, abuse, custody, or adultery, a private investigator can unearth supportive evidence for you that no one else can. Increase your chances of success in family court with help from the professionals at Dean Investigating Agency. We take pride in being a leading investigating agency in the Columbia, SC community helping countless families finally find the resolution and peace they deserve.

read more › An infidelity investigation by a private investigator can provide the peace of mind, resolution, and information needed to help you make the best choice for your life and relationship. The sooner infidelity can be proven the sooner you can adequately protect yourself and your assets moving forward. Dean Investigating Agency in Columbia, SC has provided countless investigative services to residents in our community. We utilize a combination of methods for accurate documentation including but not limited to GPS tracking, locating back accounts, video surveillance and much more.

read more › Insurance fraud is far from a victimless crime. When you or someone you know feel as though a wrongful or dishonest claim was filed against their insurance, they have a legal right to protect themselves by hiring a private investigator to prove that insurance fraud has actually occurred. Whether the claim in question is regarding life insurance, workers compensation, unemployment, auto insurance or any other type of insurance compensation, call on the team at Dean Investigating Agency for help.

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