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Best Choice Investigations We are willing to take care of your private investigative needs while operating within the confines of the law. Unfortunately, infidelity seems to be rampant in today's society. If you're needing evidence to prove or disprove your suspicions, our private investigators can help provide you with video and photographic evidence. Surveillance can be a complex science and can require much creativity.

Our surveillance experts can assist you in meeting your various surveillance needs by gathering court admissible evidence. We provide excellent service to attorneys who seek to find all the details and extensive information for clients who have been injured in auto accidents, slip and falls, work related injuries, etc. If you are an attorney/legal assistant looking for assets that a defendant could be hiding, we can help.

We utilize the most effective means possible in obtaining information that is being withheld during negotiation, litigation, or lawsuit. As private investigators, we have access to many special databases that are not available to the general public.

read more › I had only been a private investigator for a short while before I received a request to "track" someone's cellphone. I had to explain that it would be illegal. Any private Investigator who agrees to do so should be left alone. An exception to this could be conversations that are overheard while both the private investigator and subject are in a public place. However, it is permissible for a competent private investigator to conduct counter surveillance on a client's phone that he/she owns. Contact us today for a free initial consultation about this service.

read more › GPS tracking allows very accurate and real time reporting. With the use of GPS tracking, much time and energy can be saved during the course of certain investigations, which in turn saves money. We can track people and assets in order to verify whereabouts of cheating spouses and ensure compliance with business guidelines concerning vehicles. There are many other uses as well. As always, we only work within the confines of the law.

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