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Bobcat Investigation Services When it comes to obtaining evidence through surveillance, Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC goes above and beyond. Surveillance is our core competency. We know each surveillance assignment is unique and we customize our investigation, and assign the appropriately skilled and experienced investigator to each case in order to get results for our clients.

If it's a suspected fraudulent insurance claim, a child custody battle that needs to be won or infidelity/adultery of a cheating spouse we can provide you with the truth of the matter and the evidence that will stand up in court. Our clients receive personal service, verbal updates, video on DVD and detailed written reports in a timely manner to ensure they have the evidence they need when they need it!

read more › Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC is licensed by the State of Texas, covers Fort Worth, Dallas and surrounding areas and has been in business since 1999. Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC focuses on our core competency and expertise of surveillance for law firms, businesses, individuals and insurance companies in Fort Worth, Dallas and throughout the state of Texas. We understand that each surveillance is unique, therefore we customize each investigation in order to get results for our clients.

read more › Prior to hiring an investigator we do a background check, license check, call past employers to verify their experience and review their previous work. Once hired, we do extensive training on the law and our company procedures to ensure professionalism, detail, efficiency and consistency of work product. All of our investigators are licensed and combined have over 60 years' experience and thousands of hours in case investigations and surveillance. To enable us to discreetly fit in to all situations without being detected our investigators are male and female, all nationalities and a wide range of ages.

read more › Our seasoned Ft Worth, Dallas Arlington and surrounding areas Private Investigators provide the following services that will assist you in identifying workman's compensation fraud, time clock deception, theft of merchandise or company property and if employees who are working off company property are working the hours claimed. All evidence we collect is admissible in court. We are experts in utilizing handheld and covert cameras to document that hard to get activity. A surveillance private investigator will get eyes on the person in question and documentation in both still photos and video of their behavior.

read more › Our seasoned Private Investigators provide the following services that will assist you in building a strong case with evidence that is admissible in court. We are experts in utilizing handheld and covert cameras to document that hard to get activity. A surveillance investigation will get eyes on the subject and documentation of their behavior. Evidence gathered by our licensed professional private investigator is admissible in court. Our investigator will provide a detailed report and a clear video for use during your courtroom hearings.

read more › A family Law attorney needed assistance documenting infidelity of his client's spouse. Our investigators initiated several days of surveillance and revealed that the subject was indeed having an affair with a neighborhood friend. RESULT: The client filed for a divorce and the attorney used the evidence in court to discredit the subject. The investigator testified as to what was observed and documented. Our client suspected the father of her children was drinking while in possession of the children.

read more › Our client believed that her husband was seeing a coworker while in town on business. Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC went out to the hotel and was able to confirm that the subject and the female coworker were checked into the same hotel. After setting up covert surveillance in the hotel lobby, the investigator was able to obtain video confirmation of the subject and the female entering the same hotel room on several occasions. RESULT: The client confronted her spouse with the video proof that he was entertaining his female coworker in his hotel room.

read more › Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC is fully insured and all our investigators are licensed with the state of Texas and the Department of Private Security. Yes, between all of our investigators we have thousands of combined hours of surveillance experience. Yes, our phones are answered 24-7 and we are able to deploy available investigators on short notice or emergency situations. It depends on the case. If required we utilize multiple investigators to conduct the surveillance and all cases are managed and reviewed by the case manager.

read more › I have used other investigators in the past but your personal service was over and above what I have ever seen. While my husband was on a business trip, you kept me updated by text during the entire surveillance process. When you told me that my husband was having an affair, you were there for me to lean on when I was devastated. It meant a lot to me knowing that I wasn't just another client but instead a person who was going through the most terrible time of my life. I just had to write to tell you how much I appreciated the help that you have given me.

read more › Fort Worth, TX - One of Texas best known investigation firms is launching a brand new website. Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC is always looking to update and better their services. The new website gives detailed information on our company, investigators and services. Lisa Edrich established the company is 2000. Fort Worth, TX - Lisa Edrich, owner and lead investigator of Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC, completed a program for Internet profiling and intelligence gathering with Michele Stuart.

read more › You may think a private investigator is something only someone in a movie would use. A detective is for murder plots, right? Actually, a private investigator is used by many people in Fort Worth just like yourself for a variety of reasons. If you are going to court soon, evidence of the truth strengthens your case and that is exactly what this type of expert provides. Cheating spouses, the safety of a child in child custody arrangements, business deals being done dishonestly, and fraudulent worker's compensation cases are just the beginning of what we can handle for you at Bobcat Investigation Services.

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