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For over 50 years, Gary Glanz has been the leading Tulsa private investigator. Giving every case the attention to detail it deserves. Whether it is a cold case, child custody case, fraud, or missing person. Serving the entire state of Oklahoma for 5 decades and receiving numerous awards and publications, Gary Glanz & Associates provide leading investigative services.

Utilizing modern technology and intuition, you can count on Gary Glanz & Associates to solve your case. Working with attorneys, law enforcement, and the general public, we have solved hundreds of cases. Gary Glanz went from being one of the youngest detectives on the Tulsa Police Department to the becoming one of the most awarded private investigators in the country.

Our firm has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen money, guns, jewelry, and more. We have recovered kidnapped children and stopped blackmail schemes. With our utilization of modern technology and digital tools, we are sure to find what you are looking for.

read more › Gary Glanz & Associates provides virtually every service you can imagine in the field of private investigations and security. Whether you're an individual going through a difficult divorce and child custody battle or the head of a large corporation dealing with fraud and internal theft, there's essentially no task the agency is not equipped to handle on your behalf. The Wall Street Journal calls him "The Super Sleuth" -and with good reason. For more than 50 years, Tulsa private investigator Gary Glanz has been solving major crimes, locating missing people, recovering tens of millions of dollars in cash and other valuable materials and securing priceless art collections-all with a flair, and a sense of professionalism and discretion that have earned him an international reputation.

read more › If not for the circumstances, it could have been a perfectly enjoyable Sunday drive. But the idyllic scene was spoiled by the solemn, even fearful, mood in the car. Glanz was traveling with a woman named Linda Mullendore and one of her attorneys, John Arrington, who had awakened Glanz early that morning with a phone call and retained his services on his client's behalf. The woman had learned hours earlier that her estranged husband of 11 years, millionaire E.C. Mullendore III, had been shot dead the night before on his ranch while his parents lay sleeping in their mansion a few hundred yards away.

read more › What is considered, "state of the art" today, becomes "old school" tomorrow. That's why Gary Glanz & Associates strives to stay on the ever changing, cutting edge of gee- whiz technology and investigative resources. While we can't reveal our secret gadgetry, without upsetting agent Q, we can show you some of the once cutting edge tools, used by Gary Glanz, to help solve some of Oklahoma's most interesting capers, cons and conundrums. Before the days of pinpoint accurate, lithium-ion powered GPS trackers, that can be viewed from your tablet sized smart phone, there were Bumper Beepers.

read more › The Council of International Investigators is an established and well respected global association of professional private investigators. Each private investigator or private detective belonging to our organization meets strict membership criteria in line with our aim of maintaining the highest quality professionals within the private investigation business. The California Association of Licensed Investigators is the largest private investigator association in the world. We believe in the principles of truth, justice, fairness and honesty in dealing with our clients, witnesses and the general public.

read more › Just a few hours after heavily insured millionaire rancher E.C. Mullendore III was found shot in the head, Gary Glanz was called in to provide security for the murdered man's estranged wife and family amid rumors that it was a mob hit. Within hours of the murder, Glanz would find himself at the crime scene, the sprawling Cross Bell Ranch in northern Oklahoma, where he established contacts with law enforcement officials and ranch employees. Over time, his role would evolve into a full-scale investigation of the murder, taking him from Kansas City to Atlanta to Seattle to the Bahamas as he tracked down leads.

read more › Edward Raifsnider had quite a nice operation going. Having accumulated dozens of false identities, he was confident and skilled enough to make people believe he was anybody he claimed to be - a trucking company operator, a businessman, even a retired U.S. marshal. He traveled around the country taking advantage of his unsuspecting victims, buying expensive vehicles with fraudulent bank checks, then reselling them a few days later. When the one-man crime wave brought his act to Tulsa, he quickly took up with a local barmaid, then managed to convince a friend of hers to partner with him on an automobile auction business.

read more › When a Tulsa Mexican restaurant was burglarized, the owners knew Gary Glanz was the only one who could locate their missing cash. That's exactly what he proceeded to do - in a Florida swamp, of all places. Casa Bonita, an icon on the Tulsa dining scene, had $15,000 stolen from its floor safe one night. The owners, who were uninsured, called Glanz to track down the loot. In a matter of days, he traced the crime to the eatery's assistant manager and another suspect, quickly securing confessions from them.

read more › A Tulsa client who had invested $700,000 with Bell didn't take kindly to the taunting and decided to get even by putting Gary Glanz on the yacht broker's trail. Glanz discovered Bell had disappeared with his girlfriend, so Glanz intercepted phone records and quickly tracked Bell and his girlfriend to a resort in Mexico. Glanz confronted Bell on the phone and warned him his former client wanted his money back. An unnerved Bell quickly agreed to wire $500,000 back to Tulsa in order to get Glanz off his back.

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