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She Spies Private Eye By a team of former Probation Officers, Undercover DEA Agents, and Security Professionals. Making the call to retain private investigation services can be stressful and overwhelming. The experts at She Spies Private Eye are here to put you at ease. We listen and advise with the utmost discretion, understanding, and professionalism, so you know you have a partner on your side from the start.

From there, we employ the necessary investigative resources and technology to conduct a comprehensive investigation on your behalf. When you need a Texas private investigator, you need She Spies Private Eye. Our team is highly experienced at dealing with all types of cases and understands the laws surrounding them giving you the edge you need in any investigation or court case.

We're sensitive, yet steadfast, stopping at nothing to make sure you get the results you need to get justice you deserve. Whether you are an individual, attorney, large or small businesses, or even law enforcement, She Spies is the licensed private investigator you need on your team.

read more › The truth is rarely pure and never simple but when you get it from the most trusted, qualified and compassionate investigators in Texas, it will for certain be easier to handle. Do you have suspicions about a cheating wife? Are you fighting for custody of your children? When it comes to private investigations, Austin, Texas relies on the investigative team at She Spies Private Eye uncover the truth. No matter what type of situation you're dealing with, we're here to work through it on your behalf.

read more › When you need a Dallas private investigator, She Spies Private Eye is ready to work for you. Our team of experts is well accomplished with everything from divorce & child custody cases to corporate investigations, missing runaways and more. We have an in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding these crucial and often delicate matters that will give you the upper hand you need to come out ahead in any investigation or court case. We opened our Dallas detective agency so we could extend the availability of our renowned investigation services across the state of Texas.

read more › She Spies Private Eye, Inc., established in 2003 by Anji Maddox, is a full-service private investigation company. We are dedicated to using our extensive knowledge and experience coupled with the most cutting-edge, technologically advanced investigative tools and resources. These tools ultimately help She Spies deliver the whole and unbiased truth to our clients. Whether you're dealing with a cheating husband and require vehicle tracking or you suspect insurance fraud and need electronic surveillance, we're here to uncover the truth.

read more › Growing up, Anji Maddox, owner and operator of She Spies Private Eye, Inc., was not your typical little girl in a lot of ways. While most girls her age were playing with Barbie Dolls and practicing ballet, Anji was hanging out at libraries. While this may sound atypical to you, to Anji it was perfectly normal as she greatly enjoyed playing the role of an investigator in training, helping her mother, a genealogy expert, investigate and track down people from the past. While Anji's friends and classmates were reading Nancy Drew books, Anji was a real-life Nancy Drew!

read more › Do you have suspicions about an unfaithful spouse? Are you concerned about employee misconduct? When you have questions that you absolutely must have answers to, working with one of the best private investigation companies can make all the difference. The She Spies team has the expertise you need to help get you the answers needed for both personal and corporate investigations. Collectively, our licensed team of investigators has over 70 years of experience, with backgrounds in juvenile and adult probation, military, undercover investigations, family law, background investigations, law enforcement and executive protection.

read more › As an insurance adjuster, your main concern is to prevent and recover asset fraud. When dealing with cases of fraudulent claims, such as workers compensation fraud, you may need an insurance fraud investigator to garner evidence and put an end to additional loss, especially before a hearing with the claimant. When you think he or she has a secondary job that is not reported while collecting workers' compensation. As you know, insurance fraud is a major problem that affects everyone. Fraudulent claims cost insurance company's money, forcing them to recoup their losses through higher premiums and rates.

read more › Is it a cheating spouse? Domestic abuse? An untrustworthy nanny? All She Spies Private Eye domestic investigations start with a confidential conversation. We care about your concerns and know the questions to ask to get to the core of the issue. And once we do, that's when the real digging starts and the evidence becomes clear. After 20 years as a juvenile probation officer and private investigator, the owner of She Spies, Anji Maddox, has learned a thing or two about domestic investigations. No matter what your suspicion or situation entails, we'll design a plan for that's completely personalized to meet it.

read more › Have you noticed something amiss in your business operations? Do you suspect insurance fraud or employee misconduct? Corporate fraud can go undetected for years until something suspicious draws attention to it. That's when you need a corporate investigator. She Spies Private Eye can be there for you from the moment you sense a potential issue. Our team can provide a comprehensive internal or external corporate investigation, whether it involves a current or former employee, a business partner, or a merger.

read more › Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair or is in violation of the child custody agreement? While everyone hopes to live happily ever after, divorce happens. Whether it's the result of deceit, adultery, a violation of your prenuptial agreement or custody agreement you may need a private investigator for divorce on your side. If so, contact She Spies Private Eye to get the evidence you need. A divorce investigation can be a necessary asset to prevail in the event of a court battle. You need every advantage you can get when it comes to creating your case with creditable evidence to support a desired outcome.

read more › You have suspicions, concerns, or worries. Maybe you think your spouse is cheating, your children aren't being cared for appropriately, or someone's committing insurance fraud. Whatever the case may be, you need a surveillance investigation to find out the truth. You need a She Spies licensed investigator. A surveillance investigation is more than just a stranger with binoculars hiding behind a bush. It's a risky undertaking that requires the time, effort, support and commitment of a licensed investigator.

read more › There's nothing worse than wondering if your spouse is being unfaithful and not being able to prove it. One thing's for sure - you're not alone. Infidelity in marriage is extremely common, and suspicions are often correct. Statistics prove that women who feel their lover is cheating are correct 80% of the time, and men guess correctly half the time. So, how can you catch a cheater? You use She Spies infidelity investigations. Facing unfaithfulness is heartbreaking but having certainty about it is necessary to move forward.

read more › Every child deserves a safe, happy, and healthy home life. But sometimes divorce, abuse, or addiction can put that at risk. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, concerned family member, caretaker, or foster family, you want what's best for the child. This is when child custody investigations come into play. When you need help with custody issues, you deserve expertise and compassion. She Spies Private Eye knows what it takes to protect a child's welfare because we've been doing it for over 20 years.

read more › In matters of family law, emotions often overwhelm reason and judgment. This can be especially true when children are involved. In the case of a custody dispute, these emotions can lead to one parent abducting the children. Parental child abduction can be heartbreaking for the other parent, but fortunately, the law provides methods to help the parent get their child back. Sometimes a court battle isn't even the issue. In cases of parental kidnapping, in which a child is whisked away by one parent leaving no trace, you will need the help of a licensed private investigator to find them.

read more › Your child is missing. She or he may or may not have disappeared by their own choice, but they need to be found - FAST. As a rule, the longer you wait to pursue recovering your child reduces the odds they will return safely and unharmed. Law enforcement will do everything within their power to find runaway children, but they don't have the resources to dedicate an investigator to your specific case. Texas private investigators She Spies Private Eye will assign a team specifically dedicated to finding your child and will travel worldwide to do so.

read more › It is important for you to resist the urge to do any "amateur sleuthing" before bringing your computer or cell phone to us. A key component of a proper computer forensic examination and cell phone data recovery both are performed without bias. Because you have an interest in the case (be it emotional, financial or legal), you have a natural bias, and any evidence you uncover will be challenged in court. Our computer forensics specialist team discovers and presents facts, and the client or a jury determines guilt or innocence.

read more › She Spies Private Eye, Inc. and owner Anji Maddox have received media attention from a number of local media outlets. Anji has frequently appeared in feature stories, as a private investigative authority, on the FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC Austin affiliate news networks. Anji has also made a national, network television appearance on the popular Judge Alex show. Local publications, including the Williamson County Sun, Round Rock Leader and Community Impact NewsPaper have published human interest stories on Anji and her role as a female private investigator and how being a female has provided her an edge in an industry that is mostly dominated by males.

read more › The corporate office of She Spies Private Eye, Inc. is located in Round Rock, TX, just north of the Austin area. We also have Dallas and Austin branch locations. While we primarily serve Central and North Texas, our services may be retained throughout the United States. We are willing to travel, as needed, both domestically and internationally. Please call us at (512) 246-9889 or (214) 227-8177 should you need driving directions to our office or if you have questions regarding travel logistics that are required for your case needs.

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