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Able Legal Investigations provides investigative services in California, San Diego, and throughout the United States while accommodating the fact-finding needs of law firms, businesses, and individuals throughout California and the United States. Our services are customized to our client's needs while providing the discreet, professional service they deserve.

View all our services here. Able Legal Investigations, private investigators in San Diego and Los Angeles, has pioneered total litigation support services that merge investigative and trial experience with cutting-edge computer forensics technology. Our California and Beverly Hills private investigators utilize findings drawn from a network of law enforcement organizations, insurance companies and other unique sources.

read more › Able Legal Investigations, based in San Diego since 1994 is an investigative firm consisting of law degreed licensed private investigators serving the needs of law firms, businesses and individuals, both locally and throughout The United States. We specialize in complex investigative operations and in-depth due diligence support. Our team has the networks and professional expertise to ensure a truly global reach, while offering the high levels of customer service and support that you'd expect from a local provider.

read more › I wanted to sincerely thank Howard and his team for their efforts and a job well done. When we discovered my Mother's trust was being compromised, we weren't sure who was behind it. I really didn't know who to turn to, I just knew we needed answers. Thankfully we found Howard's agency, as they were able to obtain the facts in Mom's situation, and they uncovered who was responsible for defrauding her. We were able to act on that information immediately in seeking justice. Our family is very grateful for the work you did Howard, but most of all for what you did for my Mom.

read more › Whether you need to gather intelligence on a suspected cheating spouse or need the services of a full undercover surveillance team for a corporate investigation, Able Legal Investigations, Inc. can provide the technology, resources and techniques to deliver fast and detailed results. We can perform discreet undercover surveillance operations to meet a multitude of customer objectives. Other scenarios in which our specialists can provide you with undercover surveillance services include suspected employee benefit fraud, day-in-the-life exposes, and strike crisis management.

read more › At Able Legal Investigations we unearth the details that matter, particularly regarding the integrity, social media background and reputation of your potential employees, partners or beneficiaries. What's more, we do so in a tactful and discreet manner, so you can be sure our background investigations won't jeopardize your relationship with your subject. When your transaction, corporate venture or hiring decision matters too much to leave things to chance, our employee screening and corporate due diligence service will ensure you know exactly who you're dealing with.

read more › Should somebody place electronic surveillance equipment in your commercial or residential premises, you can be relatively certain they won't waste their effort employing inferior technology. Accordingly, our team at Able Legal Investigations always has the most up-to-date countermeasures equipment at its disposal to conduct electronic bug sweeps and hidden camera detection operations. There can be a number of reasons why someone would infiltrate your home, office or commercial premises to put electronic surveillance devices in place - all of them nefarious.

read more › While the majority of insurance, AOE, and COE claims are legitimate, there are always those who see accident and injury claims as a way to make easy money. Undercover investigations are often the best way to validate genuine claims and identify those which are made fraudulently. If you are an employer in Southern California, hiring a private investigator in San Diego to conduct claims investigations can serve as a deterrent to would-be fraudsters, as well as a way to confirm when a claim is genuine.

read more › Able Legal Investigations, Inc. performs cheating spouse investigations are designed to help you discover the truth based on facts, not speculation. A Cheating Spouse Investigation or sometimes referred to as an Infidelity Investigation can sometimes identify innocent explanations for suspected infidelity, although of course, they often confirm, rather than allay our clients' suspicions. Either way, a professionally conducted undercover surveillance can put an end to uncertainty and open the door for marriage counseling, divorce proceedings, or whatever the next steps may be.

read more › Whether you're an insurer, an employer or a business owner or manager, there are few cases where you'll want to take a personal injury claim lying down. Even if you strongly suspect a claimant is overstating the damage for which she's holding you liable, you'll need compelling evidence to support your position. Our computer forensic investigators, senior investigators, forensic accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and other professionals are also experienced expert witnesses, and can testify in a variety of civil matters.

read more › Whether loss prevention, intellectual property or background research, the Law Degreed Licensed Investigators of Able Legal Investigations will serve you with a first class investigation that creates wins for your company. Every business faces situations where intelligence is needed to make good decisions about internal matters or decisions relating to competition. You need a partner with experience to get the job done and deliver the information you need to help you win a possible court battle.

read more › In this age of digital information, the theft of intellectual property is commonplace and can be as devastating as the theft of physical assets. White-collar crimes such as employee fraud and embezzlement are also on the rise, as is cybercrime. Our computer forensics services can help you identify attempts to steal, misuse or copy electronic data and put a stop to them fast. If you suspect a threat to yourself or your company, from internet fraud, intellectual property theft or cybercrime, engage Able Legal Investigations, Inc. to help you halt it before it's too late.

read more › When there's a child custody battle, a divorce, or other legal dispute taking place within your family, there can be a great deal at stake. Emotions run high, people go to great lengths to hide the truth, and the personal and financial welfare of loved ones, children especially, can be laid on the line. It's at times like these that you really need somebody on your side - somebody who will gather intelligence, reveal lies and secrets, and give you the information to make informed decisions rather than rely on guesswork.

read more › Able Legal Investigations is a part of your case from the very beginning, helping you prepare for court with asset searches and potential recovery analysis; discovery and production consulting; electronic discovery services; and pre-litigation witness interviews. Our digital forensic investigators, senior investigators, forensic accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and other professionals are also experienced expert witnesses, and can testify in a variety of civil matters. Most litigation today requires production and discovery of significant amounts of electronic evidence.

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