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Valcor & Associates Investigations Valcor & Associates Investigations is a licensed private investigation firm operating in Texas based out of El Paso. Our team of private investigators conducts a wide range of investigation services statewide. Our staff is comprised of highly experienced, very professional, licensed and certified private investigators ready to investigate any case with any level of complexity.

We provide investigation services in cases involving infidelity, missing persons, legal investigations, insurance and fraud, missing persons, and many other cases. If your client's case could benefit from an independent private investigator, we will conduct a professional and honest investigation. Contact us to learn more about the investigative services we can offer.

We understand that usually if our clients are in need of our services, it's likely not under the most ideal of circumstances. There is either an urgent matter that needs to be solved or something has taken place that requires someone with a high level of expertise.

read more › Alchemy Protective Services, LLC. was founded in 2015 to provide service in the investigation and security sector in Texas. The founding partners, Mr. J. Varela and Mr. B. Correa, elected to create Valcor & Associates Investigations and Shieldhawk Security. Both business partners have extensive experience in law enforcement procedures and standards as well as an extensive list of advanced certifications and training. They've used this to help individuals find peace of mind, or find a resolution or find whatever it is they seek.

read more › Valcor & Associates Investigations is a licensed private investigations company operating in Texas based out of El Paso. We provide a wide range of investigation services across the state of Texas. Our investigative services include infidelity investigations, missing persons investigations, fraud, and various other services. We specialize in working alongside attorneys to conduct thorough investigations and uncover detailed facts. If you're in need of personal investigation services, contact us today.

read more › Do you suspect your spouse or significant other is cheating on you with someone else? Don't carry that kind burden of doubt on your shoulders. We'll investigate and get to the bottom of your suspicions. Time is one of most valuable things people have - don't waste a second of it with someone that is not committed or invested in your well-being and is willing to lose your trust. An investment in the truth will surely be well worth the alternative: years of heartache and anguish. Good investigation companies are hard to come by, and excellent ones are even harder.

read more › A fraud investigation determines whether a scam has taken place and gathers evidence to protect the victims involved. Fraud is misrepresentation with the intent to deceive. Fraud is a very real and costly problem that causes loss of money as well as serious injury and sometimes even death. We work alongside attorneys to ensure that these kinds of cases are thoroughly investigated. Insurance Fraud: This involves individuals who make false claims to receive insurance money or insurance companies who refuse to honor legitimate claims.

read more › Having a missing loved one is a terrible situation, whether from a runaway, a kidnapping, or another circumstance. It's our belief that everyone is traceable with the right tools, knowledge, time, and techniques to find the person. Valcor & Associates Investigations has just those tools as well as the specialists specifically trained to find a missing person. Our missing person investigators will work with law enforcement or pick up where the police have left off. Police agencies sometimes are not equipped to spend an excessive amount of time on an investigation, especially when the leads have run out.

read more › We will investigate criminal cases that the police have closed or placed inactive for lack of evidence or leads. As police department budgets are stretched thin, officers increasingly deactivate cases early at the first sight of insolvability and move on to the next case. That's where we come in. We research each individual, follow every lead, and question everyone involved in an effort to supplement the police investigation and get your case moving forward. Police officers typically cannot get involved in civil or domestic investigations unless there is a criminal element to it.

read more › If you're in need of a well-informed person to deliver legal papers, our team can provide you with professional process serving services. With a versatile blend of previous law enforcement experience, our team is well-equipped with the knowledge and trust to deliver various sensitive types of documentation. We stress the importance of this role no matter what type of document you're dealing with. When hiring a process server, you must consider the level of experience of the individual as well as ethical traits that are detrimental to the legal situation you find yourself in.

read more › Accident reconstruction is a scientific process of solving key questions regarding an accident such as 'Why did the accident occurred?' and 'How could it have been prevented?' As an investigator, it is our role to use the data provided by the scene then work in reverse to carefully investigate information regarding insights. This could include speed, visibility, driver behavior, and other factors that can piece the entire puzzle together. Common demands for this type of investigation includes the need to prove the incident beyond a nonscientific interpretation.

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