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Herrin Group The most important characteristic about The Herrin Group is their professionalism. I can recommend them without a single reservation; success, without the negative reflection, is always the end result. We're a little different than your average investigation firm. We believe clients should receive the same level of professionalism they would expect from a well-regarded law or accounting firm.

We're staffed by real professionals, with real credentials and real experience. Professionalism, real experience, and discretion are the primary keys to a successful Investigation firm. It's what we've focused on since our inception in 1998, and it's what we continue to emphasize today. The Herrin Group(R) has the people, the technology, and the experience you need.

Dan Herrin, President of The Herrin Group(R) brings more than two decades of experience to the table. A college graduate with a Masters in Public Administation, he was a Georgia State Probation Officer, a Federal Investigator for the U.S.District Courts in Alabama and Mississippi, and now heads one of Alabama's most respected investigation firms.

read more › Dan Herrin is recognized as a court qualified expert in the controversial and often confusing area of U.S. Sentencing Guidelines. For seven years, Herrin completed exhaustive investigation reports for the U.S. District Courts of Alabama and Mississippi where he worked on some of their highest profile Federal criminal cases. These reports consist of comprehensive information on defendants' social, criminal and financial history necessary to calculate the defendant's ultimate sentencing range. Today, Herrin consults with attorneys regarding these matters and provides expert testimony when necessary.

read more › At The Herrin Group(R), we've worked hundreds of domestic cases since our inception in 1998, and it remains an integral part of our business today. Perhaps the most highly-charged of all cases emotionally, domestic cases require an especially unique and sensitive approach. And that's exactly what we try to do here at The Herrin Group(R): provide a results-oriented investigation, that is respectful of what is likely one of the most difficult periods of a client's life. We understand the emotional toll of divorce, but we're also aware the stakes are very high.

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