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Nathans Investigations Nathans Investigations is a premier private investigation agency providing professional & confidential Private Investigation, Private Detective & Private Eye services to high profile clientele, small businesses, & families throughout the State of Florida. Our experienced private investigators are Military, Law Enforcement & Risk Management veterans who operate through specialized units to solve the most challenging investigative cases.

Our team of experienced licensed private investigators & private detectives are continually trained to the highest degree in a wide range of private investigation services and are committed to serving our community. Our Licensed Private Investigators are known for their honor, integrity, and commitment to those who entrust us with their most confidential affairs.

We are a full-service private investigation agency offering services throughout the State of Florida as well as National Background Reports. Our private investigation services include Cold Case Investigations, Online Dating Investigations, Infidelity & Child Custody Investigations, as well as International Investigations.

read more › The cost associated with Private Investigation services varies depending on the experience of the Private Investigator and the location in which the private investigation case is being worked. Prices generally reflect the cost and time required to operate the case. Fees may vary depending on the source of information and the ordinary expenses for an investigation agency to work the case - for example, driving records, background checks, tolls, parking, miles driven, etc. Prices for information can vary depending on the type of information as well as logistics.

read more › Private investigators must have a keen eye, excellent observational skills, and an analytical mind. We use various surveillance and investigative techniques to gather information on subjects or situations we are hired to investigate, using deductive reasoning to provide actionable results. At Nathans Investigations, our private investigators work and perform investigations for legal research and civil and criminal investigations, for private businesses and organizations as well as individual clients.

read more › As the premier private investigator service provider, Nathans Investigations serves the entire state of Florida. Our specialists are certified and trained in all facets of process serving and take a highly professional approach to their endeavors. With our years of experience and expertise in all areas of investigative services, we offer the most reliable, fastest, and cost-effective services in South Florida as well as throughout the state of Florida. You also get the added value of a staff of licensed process servers.

read more › Hiring a nanny that you can trust with your children is challenging. It's hard to know if they'll be responsible enough to care for your kids while you are at work or even out on the town. You will want to see if they'll be attentive to your children or ignore their basic needs. Will the nanny be reliable or prone to distraction? With the media reporting stories of nannies gone bad or child abuse, many parents have resorted to hiring a private investigator for nanny investigations. Many families do this before they hire a nanny by have a background check done, or during a nanny's service in case of suspicious activity.

read more › Sometimes your need for a private investigator is personal and not business-related. Sometimes life requires expert help, and you need help getting the information or proof to protect yourself or for civil litigation. No matter what the personal need may be, a private investigator is trained to follow the law and will guide you with the proper advice for your situation. A private investigator will also explain what they can and can't do to help you. Whether you need to have a background check for a caregiver or need help identifying someone who stole your identity, a private investigator can help.

read more › For birth parents unable to handle the responsibilities of parenthood, adoption is an option. However, many of those who were adopted feel the need to search for their birth parents. This can be natural curiosity, medical necessity, or the desire to learn more about their past. If this is you, then a private investigator or private detective will provide the right investigative services to help you locate your birth parents. Many children who have been adopted go through life with a lot of questions.

read more › As much as we want to think the person we are marrying is perfect, often, the reality of life proves otherwise. Sometimes, a person you trust is deceptive about their past and even current motives about marriage. A premarital investigation is usually started by either groom or the bride and, at times, by the family on either side. Marrying someone only to become a victim of fraud is never a pleasant experience. Sometimes, you may find yourself marrying someone with a motive for criminal or even unethical behavior-something a background check would've discovered before the wedding ceremony.

read more › Private investigators are called upon to do many things. Whether for a business or an insurance company, many investigators are now being hired to verify an individual's health status. They can also assess their lifestyle and even check on their employment status. Private investigators can also be used by individuals who have lost contact with family members, amongst other areas. A private investigator is highly-qualified to conduct a wellness check. They are also skilled in discrete meetings, interviews, and phone calls.

read more › There are many reasons people go missing, whether it is a relative, friend, past love, runaway child, a debtor, or a witness. Nathans Investigations understands your frustration and anguish involved in not knowing where these people may be located. People go missing for various reasons, whether it's through personal choice, illness, stress, abduction, foul play, or drug- or alcohol-related causes. If someone is missing and you believe they are at risk, we can assist you using Skip Trace & Locate Reports.

read more › Catfish Investigations have become a popular word in social media circles. It is a deceptive behavior by an individual who will use social network outlets, internet dating apps or sites, online gaming, and even chatrooms for nefarious purposes. Catfishing is usually tied to romantic windless but also involves an attempt to defraud you financially. Most cases include using images that are either altered, out of date, or used with the actual person's permission. The information used by the catfisher is often false or partially true.

read more › Social Media Investigations: Social media is everywhere. It is hard to find anyone that doesn't have at least one social media account. Because of these, everyone creates a digital trail that we at Nathan Investigations can trace. Approximately 74% of all Americans have a social media account. At some point, someone is liking, tweeting, sharing, or pinning something that can be seen by the public or those linked to that account. Whether Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, we have the technologically advanced software on the market to investigate any account on social media.

read more › Bank & Asset Investigations are performed to locate public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by people or corporate entities. Asset investigations uncover value and potential liabilities that may be tied to a park or person. Bank & Asset investigations are conducted daily to help individuals or companies satisfy their due diligence, settle personal injury cases, collect a debt, or verify financial statements during a divorce or child support case. If you own a business, an asset check can reveal the state of a person or company's assets.

read more › At some point or another, you may need a loan. Many can go to a bank or their credit union and apply, and those with a sufficiently high enough credit score will get the loan approved. For others, even though they have the job security and collateral to get the loan, their credit score or there need isn't enough for approval. Nowadays, banks and credit unions are even more particular about how and why they approve loans. This can go for personal loans or even small business loans. This can prove challenging for many who may need this extra money for their start-up or also purchase a car.

read more › Fraud Investigations are initiated when a person deliberately practices deception to gain something unlawfully or unfairly. In most states, the act of fraud can be classified as either a civil or criminal wrongdoing & crime. While fraud is most commonly committed to obtaining benefits, it sometimes occurs solely to deceive another person or company. For instance, if a person makes false statements, it could be considered fraud, depending on the circumstances. Fraud investigations determines whether a scam has taken place and gathers evidence to protect the victims involved.

read more › Due diligence investigations consist of a comprehensive analysis of either a person or a business to establish their credibility during a legal transaction. A due diligence investigation is the examination of a company's management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, and anything else that details how a business functions. For example, if any person or company is looking to either merge or purchase a company, it is vital to conduct a due diligence investigation beforehand because it reveals any liabilities the company may have that have not been exposed.

read more › Housing associations are available in many places to help those in need of finding a home for their family. Even so, many run rampant with complaints about bad tenants, illegal tenancy fraud, and all the while trying to keep with the increasing demand for housing. A private investigator can assist many of these associations or tenants by compiling evidence they need to remove tenants that have breached their terms of agreement for the housing they occupy or unlivable conditions. Whether the problem is illegal subletting, tenancy fraud, or a significant cause of property damage, a private investigator can pave the way for getting you the information you need.

read more › When it comes to asset recovery, it isn't a judgment collection. While a part of it revolves around it, a good private investigator knows that if your case is based on enforcing a judgment, then those assets are more than likely long gone. Asset recovery involves specialized knowledge along with the simultaneous application of common and civil litigation tactics, investigative principles, forensic accounting techniques, insolvency options, forfeiture schemes, and a mindset steeped in strategy and know-how.

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