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Barbary Coast Investigations Barbary Coast Investigations is a private investigation agency providing professional, confidential investigations to attorneys, businesses and the general public throughout the San Francisco Bay area, the state of California and beyond. A veteran Police Officer, Robert Fenech created Barbary Coast Investigations to provide a one-stop resource for investigations.

Comprehensive: It could easily take you eight hours to track down information we can provide in two. Barbary Coast investigators also know when and how to dig deeper, physically verifying information about people who share common names, so that information you receive will not be misleading. Confidential: You can depend on Barbary Coast Investigators to protect your company from liability by keeping the information you request in the strictest confidence.

You choose whether and how to act on the information you receive. Send us the details of your case, and our investigators will review your needs at no charge to determine the best way we may assist you.

read more › Anyone venturing into San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast from 1849 - 1906 had a pretty good idea of what to expect. If you were lucky enough to sidestep the drunken sailors in one of the neighborhood bordellos or saloons, you might run into someone far worse lurking around Murderer's Corner. Of Course, the Barbary Coast has long since become just a colorful slice of history; the irony is that today, it can be much more difficult to recognize people - especially professional people - who are not what they seem.

read more › Located on the Barbary Coast, San Francisco, California, Barbary Coast Investigations is a full service private investigation agency providing the full spectrum of professional, confidential investigations, security and protection services to attorneys and law firms, businesses and corporations, organizations, and the general public throughout the San Francisco bay area, the state of California and beyond. All security personnel at Barbary Coast Investigations are former or current law enforcement officers.

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