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InfoCorp Investigative Services, LLC is an Ohio licensed professional Private Investigation Agency centrally located in Columbus, Ohio. We provide investigative and legal services in and around the Columbus area and throughout the state of Ohio, supporting attorneys, corporations and the general public. InfoCorp consists of a team of professional, seasoned, and licensed Ohio Investigators and Professional Process Servers.

Our Staff incorporates over 28 years of experience and specialized training in investigative and legal fields in public and private sectors. Our Professional Process Servers are court appointed in several counties throughout Ohio. Whether we are working for an attorney, large corporation or an individual, our team of skilled investigators are compassionate, respectful and approaches each task in a diligent manner.

Evaluations are made on a case by case basis and our professional Investigators proceed with a customized strategy to provide the client with quality results.

read more › Tina's background includes a previous position as an Investigative Research Specialist and ultimately starting and managing the Investigation & Background Check division of a large corporation. With specialized studies, training through OPOTC, The Reid Institute Interview & Interrigation and mentoring with very reputable Detectives, acquired knowledge and talent in the industry. From the necessary preliminary research to performing on-site investigations, Tina is diligent & dedicated to the investigative field and providing QUALITY service in all areas.

read more › If you don't see the service you require from the listing below, please contact our office to speak with one of our professional, licensed Ohio private investigators. We may be able to provide you with an alternate service that will get you the results you need, or in some cases, we may refer you to one of our Ohio or nationwide associates who offers the specific service you are looking for.

read more › I just want to thank you for helping me through a very difficult time in my life. When I came to you I only had a feeling that my husband was being unfaithful. You were very understanding and listened to all of my concerns. You assured me that you would find the answers I needed one way or the other. When you told me that you had evidence that he was indeed having an affair, you were very sensitive and understanding. You gave me the time I needed and invited me back to your office to see the video.

read more › Please include below ANY further information you know about the subject, such as the High school or college he/she attended, type of work, city or state of birth, what state or city you believe or know they live in now, professional memberships i.e. unions, accountant, dentist, likes Nascar races, etc. EVERY detail you can give may help us expidite your investigation.

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