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USA Private Detectives For almost 39 years, we have been serving our clients-local, nationwide, and internationally. We provide quality discreet professional services. We guarantee our energetic, professional approach. We tailor our investigation and detective services towards our client's s unique needs. We consider all aspects of your problem, before we provide complete written reports of our results.

We can provide an initial locate search (sometimes called a "skip trace"). If someone owes you money or if you are missing one of your assets for whatever reason, a reputable Private Firm is there to help. Monitoring a subject's movements, using video, clandestine photography and personal observation is called surveillance. Evidence obtained by this way is powerful and very persuasive.

You need copies of business records, medical Records, court files or government reports. We offer experienced, bonded copy technicians and and courthouse investigators to obtain what you need, admissible in court. Private Detective Services can provide you with a wide range of different investigative services tailored to corporations and the business world.

read more › Our investigators at USA Private Detectives have an abiding passion to work day-to-day at the forefront cutting edge of the private investigation industry. We specialize in discreet private investigations, process serving, asset searches and litigation support services. Our diverse clientele includes individuals, law firms, insurance companies, major corporations and small businesses. We do infidelity investigations, spousal and nanny surveillance, and child custody monitoring. We do asset searches, background investigations, locate individuals and serve court papers.

read more › Operating as trained professionals to provide you with personal or electronic surveillance services. Private Detective Services are highly skilled in all areas of surveillance operations. Fraud, surveillance, due diligence, accident reconstruction, expert testimony, witness locate, process service, civil investigation, corporate compliance, and skip tracing. Are merely a small fraction of our overall capability and reach. Private Detective Services is a full service private firm and detective agency.

read more › To help us serve you better, you can use our convenient Email, Printable Request PDF Forms, or our online Electronic Form. They all ask for the specific information we will need to process your request properly. If you need additional information or have a question, please call us at: (833) 213-2013. If you prefer not to pay with a credit card, you can establish an account with us by paying a retainer with your initial request. You can make your request by email, fax or telephone. The balance will be due upon completion of your order.

read more › The accuracy of data submitted by the requestor will directly determine the accuracy of results obtained. While the information we furnish is from reliable sources, its accuracy is not guaranteed. Use of available data may be affected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, and/or federal and state privacy laws. Our investigative reports are prepared by USA Private Detectives, at the specific instance and request of our clients.

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