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Specialty Private Owned and operated by Michael B. Haberman, LPI, Specialty Private Investigators, Inc. is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based private detectives and private investigators company. Since 1995, Specialty Private Investigators has been developing new investigative sources, refining the quality and appearance of their reports, and implementing innovations like video into their transmitted reports.

Staying on top of the last services, technologies, and trends allows SPI to provide the most cost effective investigative services available. Specialty Private Investigators is always striving for excellence. Clients are the number one priority and proper, clear communication with them is an essential aspect of business. Because of this, private detectives and clients are included as partners in analysis and assessment and clients are kept informed on each assignment's progress.

You'll never be kept in the dark about problems that could threaten an assignment's objectives. Adapting to circumstances is essential to success.

read more › We can all identify with the pain and stress that comes with the 'not knowing'. When every step you take is important, a guiding light can be very welcomed. SPI provides a free one hour consultation and understands the difficulty of the situation you are in at his time. We offer our ideas and listen to your concerns to devise the best way to handle your case. With situations involving a cheating spouse, our detectives combine years of experience along with our various other investigative services, enabling the client to proceed with confidence.

read more › Is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania too far to travel for a case? Well, consider calling us to work the case for you! We cover all of Pennsylvania and often work with other companies to bridge the gap where the excessive miles take you away from your profits. Use our formatted report, or send a template of your own. SPI will make every attempt to make you feel as if you are working the case yourself! Law offices require efficient expedition of process servers. When the recipient is less than cooperative, pre-texting, stationary surveillance and fervent dedication are all utilized to complete our assignment.

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