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Veritas Investigations is a licensed and insured Ohio Private Investigations firm providing Criminal and Civil Investigative Services to the general public and to the Legal, Transportation, Insurance, Banking, and Defense Industries. We are located in Dayton, OH but use licensed, bonded and insured affiliates to conduct operations throughout the United States and other countries.

We're glad you visited and hope you will explore our website to learn more about the investigative and technical services we offer. Our Agents have years of experience in the conduct of Criminal and Civil Investigations and apply their prior Law Enforcement experience to tip the Scales of Justice in your favor.

read more › Due Diligence Investigations are unique investigations that are designed for a specific purpose: to develop information on prospective business partners; to evaluate new vendors; to evaluate the level and quality of customer service and employee training; to evaluate products; or to review Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Engineering, Security, or other internal processes or procedures. Due Diligence Investigations can be performed with or without the knowledge and consent of the subject, and the specific elements of the investigation are tailored to develop particular information of interest to our clients.

read more › Pre-Employment Background Investigations should always be included as part of the process of screening, evaluating, and selecting new employees. In today's competitive business environment, employers can't afford the overhead costs and manpower required to supervise, counsel, and separate "problem" employees. Getting it right the first time, will save you time, money, and aggravation. At Veritas, we work with employers to ensure that our Background Investigations are complete, accurate, and affordable.

read more › Infidelity, custody disputes, child neglect, and abuse of the elderly are sensitive issues. Working through these issues can be embarrassing or frightening, which is why at Veritas Investigations, we treat domestic investigations with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. Our investigators adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement and will always keep your feelings in mind. Our parents and grandparents need to be protected when they are vulnerable due to age, infirmity, or mental illness. Installing surveillance systems that allow you to monitor activities in the home when you are absent.

read more › Our Agents and Consultants are trained, experienced, and properly qualified or certified to provide the various technical services we offer to our clients. With over thirty years of Law Enforcement experience, our Principal Officer has assembled a team that can be dispatched to provide a variety of technical services in support of any investigation.

read more › Let our company satisfy your need for service of legal process in Montgomery, Greene, Warren, or Butler Counties, Ohio. We offer fast reliable service at a reasonable fee. Simply FAX the documents to us or call us for pick-up at your office or at the County Clerk's Office when the documents are ready for service. If our first two attempts at service are unsuccessful, we will contact you to discuss our plan for effecting service and request authorization to continue our best effort to complete the service and return of service.

read more › Our affiliate, Secure Systems Group LTD, is a retail outlet and distributor for manufacturers of real time web based GPS Tracking devices. Please visit our affiliate's website if you are considering such devices for surveillance, or monitoring the activities of your children, teenage drivers, or those afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. Secure Systems Group LTD also supplies GPS Tracking equipment for the Law Enforcement, Fleet Management and the Auto Financing Markets.

read more › Clients that have an established Retainer Account can order services at any time, and will be billed monthly for all services provided. Please call us if you want to establish a Retainer Account. Clients that do not have a Retainer Account will be required to deposit an Advanced Fee equal to half of the estimated cost of any investigation, as outlined in the Investigative Plan/Cost Proposal you receive from us for the engagement. Your Advanced Fee will be applied to hourly fees, mileage, and other incurred costs, and you will be invoiced on a monthly basis and at the conclusion of the investigation.

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