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Roots Detectives is committed to helping families with the latest technology and investigative resources while professionally linking families together through past generations. I am enthusiastically passionate about family history and the mystery behind our ancestors. Whether you need help finding one ancestor or the entire family, we have a package for you.

I am writing this review about Bridgette Le Fevre. My younger brother was killed in a car accident 27 years ago. He had two twin boys and then divorced. We tried to keep contact but were denied any privileges to contact or see them, including a restraining order. Many years have gone by and their grandmother is 96. Her heart has been broken for so many years!

We have a family that loves them and wants to be a part of their lives. I contacted Bridgette LeFevre at Roots Detectives to see if she could possibly find them. She not only found them but made contact in such a professional way it made our experience positive on both sides.

read more › Whether you need help finding an ancestor or are looking for particular documents Roots Detectives will work hard to find them. Find Your Ancestor includes a research log and documentation. Are you having trouble finding your ancestors? Not sure where to look? Brickwall Breakdown is perfect for breaking down your genealogy barriers. This research package dedicates 10 hours of professional research, analysis, documentation, sourcing, and report writing. Are you wanting to know more about your mother's mother or your father's uncle, but are not able to locate them?

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