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Capital Security & Investigations CSI was founded in 2008 by my father, Jim Devasher and myself, James "Chip" Devasher. Over the past 12 years, we grew to be one of the leading security and private investigator firms in Kentucky. Our offices are located in Lexington, KY, where we specialize in criminal and civil litigation support. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience, from a variety of private investigator, security, and law enforcement arenas.

Our group of experienced investigators provide crucial PI services at an affordable cost, and we assure our personal commitment in every case. Call us today so we can help you find security and peace of mind! We are proud to be "the choice" for experienced private investigators (PI) in Kentucky, and we look forward to serving you. Send us a confidential message or call (859) 684-2744 to speak with someone in confidence directly!

Criminal defense, loss prevention, individual and corporate investigations. Former Law Enforcement. We take great pride in our highly specialized legal defense investigations to support innocent or wrongly accused individuals and/or corporations.

read more › Our offices are located in Lexington, Kentucky, where we specialize in criminal and civil litigation support. Our team of private investigators have over 140 years of combined experience, each committed to helping respective clients achieve their goals. We come from a variety of different private investigation and security firms providing us the tools needed to be the best team of private investigators in Lexington. Chip provides excellent service with his thorough examination of every investigation providing quality results for his clients.

read more › CSI conducts comprehensive highly specialized legal defense investigations for the Department of Public Advocacy Defense Attorneys and attorneys contracted in conflict cases. Our staff contains former homicide detectives who are subject matter experts in the investigation of high profile crimes. We have successfully defended dozens of individuals charged with murder, rape, sexual abuse, arson, assault, and robbery. Our prior investigations have resulted in the acquittal of innocent persons and have provided our clients with the evidence needed to receive a fair trial and defense.

read more › CSI works thousands of hours each year in litigation support, partnering with local attorneys and national law firms who require investigative support for witness location, identification, and interviews. CSI's investigators search local court records and national databases for information on individuals, businesses, and corporations. We research and datamine personal and public data to locate, identify and investigate our client's information requests. At the completion of our investigations, our clients receive a professional legal report that documents the interview, search and information inquiry.

read more › Cell phones are now an integral part of our everyday lives. Subsequently, cell phone data has become extremely important evidence in civil and criminal matters. CSI offers expert analysis of cell phone data, in addition to expanded digital forensic services. CSI also offers on-site data collection and cell phone data extraction for $500 per phone. This service provides our clients with a thumb drive containing current and deleted data from that specific mobile device (cell phone). Contact us now!

read more › CSI is staffed by experts in the surveillance of individuals engaging in illegal activates and infidelity behavior. We use photography, video, night vision and aerial drones to gather and document evidence. Our investigators have over 10 years of experience working undercover in covert law enforcement investigations. We are trained in undercover investigations, static and dynamic surveillance, and have successfully completed hundreds of covert investigations for our corporate and individual clients.

read more › We provide a comprehensive range of background investigations for corporate, legal and private cases thorough background checks in Louisville, KY. If it is critical you find information, contact Capital Security & Investigations (CSI) when proven reliability matters most! We take great pride in our experienced investigators who maintain a proven track record of absolute success. Our track record IS your reason to trust us for all your Background Checks in Louisville, KY. Background checks are essential in many situations.

read more › We use our experience to provide client's with Security Mitigation Reviews, Loss Prevention and Work Place Violence Investigations, VIP Security Services and Guard Force and Protection Services. Working with and for some of the most successful companies in the world gives CSI the ability to provide world-class security services and support. If you need a Site Security Review, Loss Prevention, and/or Guard Force Services, please contact CSI.

read more › After local and federal law enforcement refused to investigate the theft of my great aunt's estate worth almost a million dollars, CSI tackled the case, solved the crime and found justice for my family. Chip Devasher presented the case to the FBI and the suspect was later indicted, found guilty and served several years in federal prison. A large theft occurred at my tax office and CSI found the evidence used to arrest my former office manager. This would have never been solved without the awesome work by the investigators at CSI. Thanks for your help!

read more › Getting lost in a legal suit for a prolonged period can be emotionally and financially draining. If you find yourself at the receiving end of legal trouble, or maybe just wondering about suspicious activity going on in your midst, hire our private investigators in Bowling Green, KY. We take great pride in the success of our highly qualified and experienced private investigators in Bowling Green, KY. At Capital Security & Investigations (CSI), we provide a complete suite of investigation services to assist our clients in every possible way.

read more › At Capital Security & Investigations (CSI), we employ only the best private investigators (PI) to serve Louisville, Kentucky. Our private investigators are highly-specialized in criminal and civil litigation. Our team of detectives & investigators have over 100 years combined experience, from a variety of private investigation and security firms. At the completion of our investigations, our clients receive a professional legal report that documents the interview, search and information inquiry.

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