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All State Investigations Most clients contact All State Investigations because we specialize in surveillance for Infidelity, Matrimonial and Divorce Matters. The difference between our company and others advertising on the Internet is that we do not conduct other types of investigations, such as; Criminal Investigations, Insurance & Workman's Compensation cases, as well as, Security Guards.

Investigation Specialists at All State Investigations Inc We understand this is the hardest call you ever had to make. We know what you're thinking, 'I can't believe this is happening to me' and 'That I am calling a PI.' So you can rest assured that your call is treated in the most personal, professional, discreet and confidential manner. All State Investigations is the nation's largest private investigation company.

Our Company was originally formed in 1961. Back then, in order to prove adultery, a detective would have to bust down a door and snap a photo of the adulterous couple in bed. All State Investigations can handle your case wherever you need us to be.

read more › We are the only private detective agency in the world that exclusively takes cases involving infidelity, cheating spouses/lovers, child custody cases, alimony reduction cases, child abuse and neglect cases, cohabitation, internet dating, Matrimonial & Infidelity Investigations, Child Custody & Support, Alimony & Cohabitation, GPS Tracking Services, Background Searches, Bank & Asset Searches, Relationship & Internet Dating, Digital Forensic Recovery, and we offer many different types of background searches.

read more › For over 65 years All State Investigation has heard every Difficult and Unusual case. Since we heard every scenario we are able to obtain the information needed for your investigation. My husband is the sales team leader which he has many females working for him. He travels a lot and now having overnight trips. I suspect one of the younger females is having an affair with my husband. During our investigation we obtained that both of them have separate rooms at the hotel on the same floor. Our agent booked a room in between the elevator and their rooms.

read more › How to become a Associate of All State Investigation through their Licensing Prgram and Investigator License Frequently Asked Questions. All State Investigations, Inc. has over 65 years experience and upholds an outstanding reputation for prompt, professional, accurate and dependable service. Co-Founders Anthony DeLorenzo and Dawn Ricci have developed a niche in the marketplace that no other investigations agency ever wanted. Their determination and marketing strategies have made the company into the mega-thriving business it is today.

read more › I felt the need to contact you and express my appreciation. I was completely crushed to learn that my wife was still drinking and seeing another guy. I knew something was goning on in my gut, but i didn't want to believe it or relive the whole AA behavior. I know this time it's over and its forever. I know my Kids will feel safer. Thanks so much for referring an attorney who specializes in Child Custody. I just had to write to tell you how much i aapreciated the help that you have given me. Over the past several months my wife told me she was going to be having dinner with her boss for business.

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