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Private Investigator San Bernardino County San Bernardino County Private Investigator, has been providing professional, licensed private investigation and private detective services, to businesses and individuals in San Bernardino County and beyond. Our clients include law firms, insurance companies, major corporations and small businesses. Our San Bernardino County-based private investigations, and our private detectives, also provide many services to private individuals.

Our work for individuals includes confidential marital infidelity cases, child custody cases and nanny surveillance. Our staff includes police-trained, seasoned professional investigators, document experts, interview experts, and industry experts in the credit, collections, lending, and legal fields. We investigate online and offline. If you have a hunch, we can check it out and find the truth - as we have done for so many clients.

read more › Hiring an San Bernardino County licensed investigator comes with a number of priceless benefits. Not only can a licensed private investigator provide you with the help you need to uncover important details pertaining to your case, but he or she can also testify on your behalf in a court of law. Because San Bernardino County licensed investigators are so good at discovering the most pertinent facts without breaking any laws, it truly pays to have one on your side before launching your own investigation.

read more › From the files of our daily real world "Success Stories, " here are a few brief summaries. A fortune 500 Company located in San Bernardino County, was told by the applicant that he would be the perfect employee. Our skilled investigators conducted an extensive Pre-Employment Background Check, which revealed that the potential employee had failed to disclose his criminal background. Based on our efforts, our client saved potentially thousands of dollars in unnecessary training and termination fees.

read more › To help us serve you better, you can use our convenient Email, Printable Request PDF Forms, or our online Electronic Form. They all ask for the specific information we will need to process your request properly. If you need additional information or have a question, please call us at: (951) 800-8232. If you prefer not to pay with a credit card, you can establish an account with us by paying a retainer with your initial request. You can make your request by email, fax or telephone. The balance will be due upon completion of your order.

read more › If you have ever been in an accident, then you know the importance of having the situation investigated fully. The outcome of that accident investigation can actually determine who is liable for any injuries or property damages. That's why a good San Bernardino County licensed investigator will take your case very seriously. There are thousands of serious accidents every day in the state of San Bernardino County - many of them caused by people and machines reacting in an unexpected way. Some accidents can cause permanent injury or even be fatal.

read more › Most of the time, investigations on arson are done to find out what caused a fire to happen in the first place. This investigation is imperative because it allows the responsible party to be held accountable for their actions. To get to the bottom of things, a good San Bernardino County licensed investigator may use an array of forensic tools to determine the facts of each case. A San Bernardino County licensed investigator will use the information gathered to openly testify in a court of law, providing expert witness to the judge and jury on your behalf.

read more › Understanding the reasons behind and the uses of conducting an asset search is simple. Most of the time, an asset search that is conducted by a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to satisfy due diligence, collect debts owed, hire employees, authenticate financial documents during child support or divorce proceedings, or even to resolve personal injury cases. In short, an asset search provided by a San Bernardino County licensed investigator will uncover any value and/or liability as it is related to a piece of property.

read more › First of all, it is important for our clients to realize just how important it is to be educated on a matter before taking any action. Dealing with people and businesses often requires you to do your research, but without the help of a San Bernardino County licensed investigator it may be difficult to find the data you require. A background check is designed to look more closely at the professional or personal history of the party in question. Often, a good background check requires more than simply looking for information on a website.

read more › Monitoring the activity on a cellular device can make all the difference in a number of instances. Cell phone records contain lists of calls and/or messages that were either sent or received by that number. In some cases, cell phone records even contain information about the cost of each call or message. With that data, a thorough investigation can be conducted for a variety of purposes by a San Bernardino County licensed investigator. Most commonly, cell phone record investigations are considered to be a type of phone surveillance.

read more › When a separation or a divorce occurs, it is important to understand all matters pertaining to the children involved. A good child support investigation can help to shield your children from potentially dangerous situations and even abuse. To ensure the safety of your kids, a responsible parent or the courts may hire a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to go on a fact-finding mission. It is vital to consider the wellbeing of the children involved in a divorce or separation. A San Bernardino County licensed investigator can get to the bottom of your worries and concerns to reveal instances of abuse and neglect.

read more › Understanding the importance of a civil investigation - one which is led by a San Bernardino County licensed investigator - is imperative. Simply put, a civil investigation can reveal information that is vital to a court case. The information needed to win a civil trial often requires the help of a San Bernardino County licensed investigator who knows what to do. Civil matters, which are the opposite of criminal matters, involve two or more people who are in the middle of a conflict. That conflict, in order to be considered civil, must pertain to an issue as it relates to the civilian rights of the parties involved.

read more › In today's world, a lot can be discovered by conducting a swift investigation, even if that investigation pertains to computers and/or cybercrime. Computers and/or cybercrime issues can be considered both civil and criminal, depending on the facts of the case. A good San Bernardino County licensed investigator can get to the bottom of the issue before it gets out of hand. Any crimes that are committed through the use of computers, cell phones, or the internet are considered to be cybercrimes. Criminals use things lie spyware, malware, viruses, and hacking to create victims out of unsuspecting people.

read more › Is your company safe from loss and damages? Have you considered hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to ensure your company's security? As it stands today, many businesses are targeted by criminals and some of them learn the hard way. Don't let that be you. Allow a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to perform a corporate investigation on your behalf. Corporate investigations are designed to shield you and your company from a number of criminal or civil offenses. Sometimes, this particular type of investigation is designed to discover the legitimacy of a business partner or merger, or to determine whether fraud or embezzlement is occurring.

read more › Examining a crime scene is one of the most important parts of a criminal investigation. Essential clues which lead to the perpetrator are found hidden deep within the scene, and it takes a skilled expert to hunt them down. By hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator, you can rest assured that all the pieces of the puzzle will be found. Hundreds of thousands of crimes happen each year. Between burglaries, accidents, homicides, and other offenses, it is impossible to process all the clues contained with the scene without the help of a good San Bernardino County licensed investigator.

read more › Taking the proper precautions when trying to prosecute a criminal is exceptionally important. Relying on local law enforcement to get the job done is sometimes frustrating. Through no fault of their own, law enforcement is often overwhelmed and just cannot give each case the attention it deserves. That's precisely why hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator is so vital. There are numerous instances where a good San Bernardino County licensed investigator on your team can make all the difference.

read more › When a company is open and operating, it has a set of guidelines that it must follow in order to remain legal and ethical in the market. This set of guidelines are known as a company's due diligence. Without practicing due diligence, a company can be hit with a lawsuit. Hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to ensure due diligence is being met could be highly beneficial to both consumers and business owners alike. It might be difficult to understand exactly what it means for a company to practice due diligence.

read more › Discover the information you need by hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to handle your electronic data discovery case. Electronic data discover, which is also known as e-discovery, remains one of the most comprehensive types of investigation. It is designed to help reveal digital information with the intent of using that information in a court of law. By hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to handle the fact-finding mission, you will be more prepared from future litigations.

read more › Having a San Bernardino County licensed investigator take care of electronic surveillance investigations is your best bet. In fact, private investigators can typically uncover, review, and retrieve information that individuals and local law enforcement cannot. Electronic surveillance is used to keep track of the comings and goings of private properties and businesses alike. However, it is only when electronic surveillance is done correctly that it can be used in a court of law. A San Bernardino County licensed investigator will perform an electronic surveillance investigation on your behalf in order to gather essential data for a variety of purposes.

read more › The reasons for hiring a San Bernardino County licensed investigator to provide executive protection are simple: executive protection gives peace of mind. Executive protection ensures the safety and welfare of an individual, regardless of whether that person is well-known or not. In addition, executive protection can also extend past the individual to include protection of a business or proprietary property. There are even some cases when a San Bernardino County licensed investigator is used to protect the extended family of an individual.

read more › The field of forensic investigation often requires a team of qualified experts. Local law enforcement agencies and individuals need a professionally licensed private investigator to offer an objective view of a crime scene, collect valuable evidence, and give expert testimony. In general, there are a variety of methods used by a San Bernardino County licensed investigator in order to surmise a conclusion during a forensic investigation. The most important part of any investigation is communicating your needs to the investigator beforehand.

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