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Cornerstone Intelligence, LLC is a boutique Private Investigation and Open Source Intelligence firm based in Waco, Texas. Our practice areas include corporate, legal, criminal, and domestic services, as well as background screening services. We utilize the latest investigative tools and resources to deliver timely and accurate information for our clients.

Our private investigators are all licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety and work all across Central Texas, and beyond, in order to deliver the top-shelf results our clients expect. Our investigators customize their approach based on our clients' needs. Working with business owners and attorneys, we offer comprehensive investigative and legal support services throughout Central Texas and beyond, empowering clients with information when they need it most.

Our goal is to help our clients solve some of the most difficult problems they may face with professionalism and discretion. We also work with private individuals, providing them with the same high-powered resources we offer to our professional clients.

read more › Cornerstone Intelligence, LLC was founded by long-time Waco resident and Baylor grad, Jason Attas, on the principles of integrity, professionalism, and discretion. Attas charted a course for Cornerstone Intelligence that would place his organization heads and shoulders above other investigative firms in Central Texas. Our goal is to help our clients uncover the information they need in a professional and discrete manner. We tailor our services to each and every client as there is never a one-size-fits all solution to our clients' needs.

read more › Jason M. Attas is a long-time resident of Waco, Texas, a graduate of Baylor University ('98 B.A. Philosophy), and the founder of Cornerstone Intelligence, LLC. From the beginning, Attas set out to build a high-end investigative services firm built on the foundation of truth, integrity, and professionalism. He sets a high bar for himself, his work, and the investigators in his company, and insists that every job be treated with tireless dedication until the investigation is completed. Attas has invested heavily in Cornerstone Intelligence, and leverages cutting-edge technology, proprietary software, mobile computing, highly restricted databases, and old fashioned street smarts to deliver unparalleled results to his clients.

read more › Cornerstone Intelligence, LLC is proud to be one of the only local providers of FCRA-compliant background checks. Federal guidelines in the Fair Credit Reporting Act dictate how organizations may conduct background screening for employment purposes. Whether it is for pre-employment screening to prevent a bad hire, or to screen an existing employee prior to a promotion, businesses must follow these federal guidelines, or face severe civil liability exposure. Our FCRA-compliant background checks can be used by businesses, schools, churches, and youth sports leagues for employment or volunteer positions, as well as for real estate property managers who want to bolster their tenant screening process to ensure they are leasing their property to well-qualified individuals.

read more › Cornerstone Intelligence has been retained by some of the most prestigious law firms in Texas to help them solve some of their most vexing problems. Our investigators find people who may not want to be found, and locate assets they don't want you to know about. It may not always be a cloak and dagger scenario with which your client needs assistance. Sometimes it's just a matter of urgency, or requires the utmost in privacy and discretion, and you need a versatile professional in whom you can place your utmost trust.

read more › At Cornerstone Intelligence, we firmly believe that everyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Our licensed private investigators serve as dispassionate, objective fact gatherers to help your defense attorney locate people, evidence, and information to help him or her zealously mount your defense. Our investigators will not judge you. Their work for you is privileged. They will take your darkest secrets with them to their graves. That is their job. We ensure you will have 100% client to investigator privilege.

read more › Everyday, we work with residents of Central Texas to help them find the information they need for peace of mind. Custody disputes, infidelity, teenage drug testing, college student activity checks, elder abuse, and even looking into the background of the girl or guy you met online. Our investigators have the training and experience to give you the information you need when it matters most. We understand this may be a difficult time for you and your family. We deal with high-stakes domestic issues on a regular basis and offer a 100% confidential consultation.

read more › Cornerstone Intelligence is proud to have partnered with VICTIG Screening Solutions to offer our clients the most robust complement of background screening services available anywhere. We provide innovative and common sense solutions for both employers and real estate property managers, as well as volunteer organizations and private citizens. Whether your need is tens of thousands of reports a year or just a few, Cornerstone Intelligence can accommodate anyone. Cornerstone's screening partner has integrated with over 50 different data providers and will intuitively route your requests to the best solution.

read more › Cornerstone Intelligence offers the most comprehensive suite of asset location services of any investigation or intelligence agency in Texas. Leveraging proprietary software algorithms and good old fashioned investigative techniques, Cornerstone Intelligence can provide our clients with bank, brokerage, and retirement account information of our subject, along with open credit lines, current employment information (if unknown), FEINs & SSNs, business bank account info, nationwide real estate holdings, and much more.

read more › Field investigations and surveillance are no longer the only pieces needed to solve a case. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, Cornerstone Intelligence understands how imperative it is to conduct cyber investigations. Digital cases allow investigators to prove misconduct while finding evidence from a different investigative avenue. By conducting a digital forensics investigation, our investigators can fill in the missing pieces to a puzzle, providing a full picture of an entire case. This allows us to hone in on particular details that once were lost due to physical paper trails.

read more › Cornerstone Intelligence, LLC offers private investigation and open source intelligence services to Clients throughout Central Texas and beyond. Services include Corporate Investigations, Legal Investigations, Domestic Investigations, and Background Screening Services. Our office is conveniently located just blocks from the McLennan County Courthouse in Downtown Waco at 4th and Austin in the historic Roosevelt Tower. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. Our emails are directed to our assigned investigator after business hours and are responded to as they are seen by our staff.

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