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If you feel that you need help with a cheating spouse, child custody battle, domestic case, witness interviews, tracking persons, or video footage, be sure to tell us everything. As your private investigator, we are only able to get you the proof and evidence that you have helped us get to. Anything less can have a dramatic difference on our ability to get the information you seek.

We cannot make things up that do not exist without your help. We recognize the need for professional investigations and consulting firm to provide services for corporations, attorneys, individuals and other businesses. Using trained and experienced former law enforcement officers, Private Investigators of Colorado has had the years of legal and investigative experience necessary to provide the highest level of professional services available in the Denver area.

Operating in and out of our office, we are ideally placed to provide you with the most professional services available. We realize that having to hire a private investigator is a difficult thing to do.

read more › The job of a private investigator is to gather information about the subjects' activities and interactions. We frequently work on these types of cases for attorneys. Most private investigators are trained to preform functions like surveillance, research, and interviewing. At Denver Private Investigations, we have specialists who focus on these main things. Our surveillance experts spend the majority of their time following and watching cheating spouses to get the accurate results. Regardless of whether you need to know the truth simply to go forward with your life, or if you need proof of cheating, children battles, or a witness to win in court, Denver Private Investigations agency is here for you.

read more › Domestic investigations or cheating investigations are one of our top demand departments. If you feel your partner is cheating, give us a call. You will speak with a professional private investigator who knows exactly what you are going through and who specializes in Cheating Investigations. We know how cheaters work. We can guide you through this tough process so you can really know what is going on behind your back. Our private detectives understand that you just want to know. This is a common phrase from our clients, that they "just want to know".

read more › Whatever you care to call it, is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. Not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you. Even the idea of a loved one being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive. The investigators here at Denver Private Investigations help clients like you with this issue every day. We understand the fact that you need help in order to determine your spouse's actions and feelings. The pictures below are a few of our very own cases.

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