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Governed by the highest ethical standards, our agency strictly maintains a policy of integrity, honesty, and professionalism with our work and confidentiality for all our clients. Experience, confidentiality, and discretion are some of what you look for in a private investigator or agency. Schare Investigative Services embodies those characteristics, along with many others, making us one of the more respected agencies.

For more than two decades, we have worked with private individuals, corporate clients, and legal agencies on a range of criminal and civil cases. When it comes to private detective work, you won't find a more engaged or better equipped agency.

read more › Founded by a retired homicide detective, Schare Investigative Services is dedicated to providing clients with honest and truthful investigative services. However, simply digging up information and tracking people down doesn't cut it. A lot more goes into being a respected and sought after detective agency. And as things go, we are absolutely one of the top in the game. Our agency can handle all of your investigative needs; from simple background checks all the way up to cold case homicides. Our investigators have extensive training in homicide investigations, blood spatter analysis, crime scene processing, finger printing, auto theft and insurance fraud; just to name a few.

read more › It would be fantastic if people were completely honest and things like fraud, deception, and impropriety didn't exist. Unfortunately, this is the real world and not everyone plays nice or lives life above board. And because of this it is sometimes necessary to seek outside investigative services. A competent private investigative agency, Schare Investigative Services can uncover information, build evidence, and provide necessary documentation to help you with a range of scenarios. And as a full-service detective firm we are well versed in handling criminal investigations, SIU investigations, and insurance fraud cases.

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