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The Agency Inc. is comprised of a team of private investigators, dedicated to finding answers to your most pressing questions. Our detectives in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. are truly focused on finding a solution to your issue more than the money that's involved because we make you our top priority.

Since 1985, The Agency's expert private investigators have used state-of-the-art technology and discreet, professional investigative work to find those long-awaited answers and uncover the evidence necessary to help you in your case.The Agency Inc.'s detectives in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. have the knowledge and experience necessary to investigate a wide variety of private and corporate disputes, as well as any spousal suspicions that you may have.

Experienced private investigators with military, legal and law enforcement backgrounds begin by creating a strategy customized to each client's needs, allowing them to conduct a thorough, discreet and tactful investigation.

read more › The Agency Inc. has been serving Baltimore, MD as a private investigation agency for over 20 years. From Maryland to Virginia they have been providing discreet investigative services with great results. Whether you are looking to provide yourself with closure, acquire justice, or just for your own peace of mind, they are more than equipped to help you find what you are looking for. They also offer private investigations for any cases involving infidelity, to determine whether negative behavior from the spouse or child guardian is occurring.

read more › Our other investigative services include collecting current and previous employment information, service of process, and product liability. The investigators at The Agency Inc. can help your company look into insurance fraud, workers compensation and conduct background checks. Global tracking, surveillance, and counter surveillance are guaranteed services. Then call us today to learn more about our private investigation and detective services in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas.

read more › Spousal Infidelity: Suspicions (Is my husband/wife cheating) committing Adultery? Child Custody: Surveillance (Is the child cared for properly, (placed in the vehicle in the proper seat for the child's age, height, and weight). Honey Checks: When a client is not married and wants to verify an individual. We will not break any laws while conducting surveillance for our clients. Surveillance video obtained of the targeted individual(s), aka our subject, while the investigator is on a public roadway or public land is not against the law.

read more › During a Workers Comp investigation, the subject/claimant/injured party is observed from a distance typically a few work days (typically week days) and an occasional; week end. The purpose for such surveillance is to establish if in fact the person often referred to as the subject of the investigation or claimant exhibits any movement that would not be possible if they are still suffering from the original injury (s). The insurance companies use surveillance by a third-party witness of the injured worker to prove the injury of the worker.

read more › When a judgment is passed on someone in the Maryland or Virginia area, if they have the means to pay the required fines in order to settle the judgment, they should. However, there are some people who will falsely claim they do not have the income or means to settle their judgments. In many of those situations, the investigators at The Agency Inc. can perform an asset search to identify available assets that these individuals could use to pay their debts. With ever-evolving technology, an asset search in the Maryland or Virginia area can be very complicated.

read more › Suspecting your spouse or partner is being unfaithful can be a nightmare fraught with seemingly unending lies and fights. The Agency Inc's infidelity investigations and cheating spouse investigators in Maryland and Virginia put an end to the deceit and give you solid evidence to move forward. All investigations are conducted with the utmost professionalism and discretion, and all evidence gathered is transferred to you upon completion. There are many signs of infidelity, though none provide solid enough evidence to make hard conclusions.

read more › If you suspect your child is in an unsafe, neglectful or generally unfit environment with their second guardian, getting accurate, useful information is paramount to taking effective legal action. Following divorce or separation, many parents on both sides seek the best for their children, however, in some instances both parents may not be able or willing to provide safe, nurturing environments. Suspecting your former partner is ignoring, neglecting or even abusing your child makes time away from them hurt even more.

read more › A GPS tracker in Baltimore will allow you to see where individuals travel at any given time. You can use the tracker yourself to discreetly monitor the whereabouts of individuals in your family or your business. This is an invaluable tool to help you discover possible infidelity, make sure your children are safe or keep track of your employees while on the job. Contact Agency Inc. to learn more about a GPS tracker rental in Baltimore for any need. The Agency Inc. will show you how to place the tracker and help you learn to use it effectively.

read more › Few things worry human resource departments, business owners and organization leaders more than hiring than wrong person. Moreover, when you do hire someone, you want to be sure their employment history is accurate and that you're aware of any red flags. Fortunately, when you entrust in the expert investigators at the Agency Inc, you won't have to worry about flying blind when hiring new employees, volunteers or verifying the place of employment history of a potential business partner. Regardless of the industry you're in, hiring new talent is a major expense for businesses, and hiring the wrong person could cost even more money and setbacks for your company.

read more › In addition, if you purchase a plan of surveillance and GPS tracking, and subsequently no surveillance has taken place on the file, your daily fee for the GPS rental will be retroactive an additional $5.00 per day. An agent will be in touch with you, while protecting your privacy, to go over the specifics of your purchased services if they haven't already.

read more › Since 1985, The Agency has been a renowned private investigation company. Based in Fredericksburg, VA we offer our services throughout surrounding Virginia counties and townships. We at The Agency Inc. have been in the investigative business for over forty years, and our experienced, discreet and professional staff are equipped to get the answers you seek in order to gain closure, justice or even peace of mind and security. Our specialty is in background investigations for employment, financial, business, civil, or criminal information purposes.

read more › For two decades, The Agency Inc. has been an established private investigation company in Silver Spring, MD, with our services extending throughout Maryland and into Virginia. With over forty years experience in the field, we represent the best in investigative service. Offering discreet, timely and professional results for our clients. We are more than equipped to pursue the answers you seek in order to provide closure, gain justice, or offer peace of mind.

read more › For several decades, The Agency Inc. has provided security and peace of mind to clients with premier services extending from Vienna to McLean and all throughout the rest of Virginia and Maryland. We employ only the most passionate and expertly trained detectives at our company. Coupled with the most progressive technology in the field, our team can help guarantee you the justice, safety, and closure you deserve. The incessant lies and continued violation of trust that comes with infidelity is hurtful and mentally exhausting.

read more › The Agency Inc. has been conducting expert private investigations using state-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled detectives since 1985. Our top priority if finding solutions to ease the burdens of the people of Arlington, VA. We are committed to channeling our 40+ years of experience into expert surveillance services that efficiently meet your needs. If you distrust your child's second guardian and observe dubious behavior, our Arlington investigators will determine if your child is unsafe.

read more › For over 40 years, The Agency Inc. has been providing discreet, expert investigation and surveillance services to the people of Maryland and Virginia. Our company has been changing the lives of clients with our revered and proven services since our inception. We make it our goal to secure you the answers, legal evidence, sense of safety, and peace of mind you need. Get reliable explanations and tangible proof with infidelity investigations in Columbia, MD. If you suspect your spouse may be cheating, the experienced PI team at The Agency Inc will inconspicuously conduct a thorough investigation into their questionable behavior.

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