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Naples Private Investigations It's time to take control of your situation. Speak to a professional today about how to get started with an infidelity/cheating investigation. For all of your investigative needs in Southern FL: Civil, Criminal, and Divorce Court. Our company has extensive investigative law enforcement experience, specializing in spousal trust issues. Some of our services include: background checks, surveillance, armed escorts, and process serving.

Providing peace of mind to our clients. Quality Investigative Services are expensive, however with our company you will find a great value for a competitive price.

read more › Our Company is comprised of current and former law enforcement investigative personnel. At Naples PI we can provide the services you need and the care you deserve. Some of our services include but are not limited to body guard services, infidelity investigation, missing child searches, background checks, polygraph tests, and more. Investigators will uncover the information you seek, with guaranteed 100% confidentiality, and provide all findings in an easy to read/view format. We pride ourselves in training all employees on up-to-date investigative techniques as well as staying current on the advances in technology.

read more › An armed bodyguard is a personal security officer who protects clients from such threats as assault, kidnapping and stalking. Armed bodyguards protect by assessing threats, planning routes and searching cars and buildings. Ideally, preparation and presence are all that are necessary to prevent an attack, but armed bodyguards also must be prepared to use force if necessary. Oftentimes, armed bodyguards also serve as drivers for their clients. Hiring a Naples Private Investigator for your bodyguard service, helps ensure your safety whether traveling in the area or for your protection at home.

read more › Don't continue to pay these large amounts of money to your ex-spouse if he or she is not deserving. Naples PI specializes in cohabitation investigations can obtain the evidence required to prove your case. This evidence is crucial in achieving a favorable outcome in cases such as alimony adjustments, spousal maintenance calculations and child support recalculation. Legal disputes have arisen as to whether cohabitation would refer to same sex partners, which is important to those involved since "cohabitation" is the basis of certain rights and privileges under various laws, regulations and contracts.

read more › What is a Background Check? In today's world there are many online services offering background checks. Unfortunately, many of these services are unreliable and many errors can occur during the information entry process, leading to confusion over information such as, names that are similar etc. resulting in partial or incorrect information being accepted by the unsuspecting customer. Hiring a Naples Private Investigator will ensure that the background information you receive will be complete and correct.

read more › What is a Child Support/Custody Investigation? Studies have shown that some parents even move or will change their identity just to avoid paying child support. In most cases, the law enforcement agents and child services will not have the time or resources to find and enforce non-paying parents to pay child support. Awarding custody to a parent in a divorce is almost always based on information which is up to date at the time of the divorce. But as we all know life can bring changes without changing the custody arrangements.

read more › Teen Watch offers an advantage to today's working or single parent that was not available in the past. If a parent is concerned about the activities or behavior of their children when unsupervised, Teen Watch offers a great alternative. With today's economy, parents find themselves working out of the home more often. Children are often left unavoidably unattended. Concerned parents can have their teens activities monitored to ensure that they are acting in a safe, respectful manner when unsupervised.

read more › What is A Missing Persons Investigation? There are some agencies who do not regard a person as missing until a significant amount of time has elapsed. This can be very frustrating when a family member or a loved one goes missing, and panic is usually one of the first things that set in. Many families will decide to hire Naples PI if their missing person's case is not handled quickly. Hiring one of our experienced PI's to handle your missing persons case will ensure more time spent trying to get your case resolved as well as our willingness to work closely with the families or loved ones involved.

read more › A workers compensation investigation helps to examine the validity of a workers compensation claim. Unfortunately, people exaggerate the extent of their injuries or outright lie when filing a claim. It is estimated that workers compensation fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year (the California Department of Insurance estimated over $1.1 billion in fraud during FY2009-10 in California only). A workman's compensation investigation can verify honest claims and highlight dishonest ones.

read more › According to the due process of the law, each person has a right to be notified if legal action is taken against them and also has a right to know if court actions are taken in their case. To ensure that everyone is adequately informed of court actions, the law stipulates that legal documents pertaining to these actions must be delivered in person. The person who delivers the documents is called a process server. While in most states anyone over the age of majority who is not part of the case can act as a process server, a professional process service makes much sense, especially in cases where someone does not wish to be served with legal documents.

read more › The Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers that we use for investigative surveillance are different from the GPS devices on your dashboard or windshield that makes sure you don't get lost. These investigative GPS trackers show you exactly where a vehicle, asset, or person is located and will track and document the historical position of that vehicle, asset or person over time. Most GPS Trackers have software that allows our investigators to generate a detailed GPS Tracking Log of the vehicles historical location(s).

read more › At Naples PI, our Protective Services Division provides solutions for a wide range of personal concerns. Our protective agents are carefully vetted, receive extensive training in the specialized discipline of executive protection and are proficient in crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques and the use of force. We can provide a armed agent(s) for a discreet escort as a cost-effective solution without compromising capability, competency or professionalism. We are not a uniformed security company.

read more › If you use a polygraph test not operated by a qualified professional, you will pay for it with inaccurate findings. Polygraph tests, theoretically, measure a persons truthfulness on specific questions. The test subject is hooked up to a polygraph test machine and is asked a number of questions - usually beginning with simple questions such as what is your name? and preceding to more difficult questions. The polygraph examiner asks the questions, prepares the subject for the test, interprets the data, and operates the machine.

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