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We offer a full range of private investigator services to deliver the peace of mind you deserve, including surveillance, investigating a cheating spouse, ensuring you get custody of your child, process serving, background checks and more. Are you worried there may be material online that could prove a threat to you or your business?. BrightStar Investigations Criminal Defense Service gets crucial results for its attorneys.

If you need answers, you came to the right place. At BrightStar Investigations, our private investigators in Colorado Springs & Denver will get you the results you need. Using the very latest in surveillance technology, our private investigators gather the evidence you need in a confidential and discreet manner. As a licensed, bonded and insured private investigation firm, we offer a full range of detective services to deliver the peace of mind you deserve.

When answers just can't be found, you need the help of a Front Range private investigator. BrightStar Investigations can help you shed a light on the truth.

read more › Investigator Smith conducts dynamic investigations in Colorado Springs, Denver, and statewide. Investigator Smith specializes in comprehensive investigations, surveillance, legal interviews, locating witnesses, undercover work, and serving process. BrightStar Investigations is an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau. Investigator Smith attended Mercyhurst University's Institute for Intelligence Studies, where he earned a BA in Intelligence Studies and a minor in the Arabic language. While at Mercyhurst, Investigator Smith was honored as a Horatio Alger Military Scholar.

read more › A private investigator may be referred to as a surveillance investigator when people need to be followed, monitored and documented. At BrightStar investigations in Colorado Springs and Denver, we employ experienced surveillance investigators with proven success records to bring clients the best video and photographic evidence available on the market. We received a call from a man who suspected his wife was cheating on him. Our lead surveillance investigator obtained video evidence that the wife was meeting frequently at a hotel with a man who had worked on the family's property.

read more › Are you considering hiring a child custody private investigator for a Colorado Springs custody case? Click if you need a Denver child custody PI. No child custody case is ever easy. Whether you're going through a divorce, reassessing custody arrangements or identifying issues with child support, there are situations where an investigation performed by a child custody private investigator may be necessary. During a Colorado Springs child custody investigation, a professional private investigator will develop a strategy with you to begin a comprehensive and results-oriented investigation.

read more › Should you hire an infidelity private investigator? Sometimes it's not your imagination - your partner or spouse may be cheating on you. Don't wait to find out the truth. Get the answers you need by hiring an experienced cheating and infidelity private investigator in Colorado Springs. We also conduct infidelity investigations in Denver! In 2015, our lead infidelity private investigator received a call from a man who suspected his wife was cheating on him. Our private detectives obtained video evidence that the wife was meeting frequently at a hotel with a man who had worked on the family's property.

read more › You came to the right place. We are experts at tracking down people who just can't be found. We don't quit, and we hunt our targets until they are found. There are over 7 Billion People on the Earth. Our professional skip trace investigators in Colorado Springs use advanced techniques and years of experience to track people down. The process of finding a missing person is called by several names including 'Skip Trace, ' 'Locate, ' and 'Skip.' Perhaps your missing person is a loved one that's been missing for years, or maybe it's someone you need to serve legal papers to and they have gone into hiding.

read more › Not many think of a background check before entering a relationship. Unfortunately, there are a lot of untrustworthy people out there. Sometimes, someone in our lives has a history they want to keep secret. You have the right to know who you're dealing with, whether it's a family member, dating prospect, business partner or neighbor - it's better to know than to be unpleasantly surprised. By exercising your right to hire an investigator to do a background check, you can unearth the truth about the individual's past and make better decisions on who you allow into your (and your family's) life.

read more › A social media investigation by a Colorado Springs and Denver private detective provides valuable evidence that is gathered legally online and can be used in Colorado courts for a variety of criminal, family, civil and personal injury legal cases. Our skilled Internet and social media investigators use the most technologically advanced software available on the market. When our clients call, they know they will get results. The social media investigators at Brightstar Investigations will provide a detailed report with the captured information.

read more › BrightStar investigations criminal defense service gets crucial results for its attorney's. We investigate and conduct witness interviews to get felonies, misdemeanors and other crimes dismissed, we conduct surveillance to catch those lying at court. Preparing for trial is a tedious task. For most law firms, it's almost impossible to find extra time to track down physical evidence, interview witnesses, and serve legal documents while organizing your case. If you need help finding information or collecting evidence on one of your cases, the Colorado Springs law firm investigators at BrightStar are here to help.

read more › If you have been accused of committing a crime, or are an attorney representing the accused, you may not have time to pursue every lead, witness or piece of evidence that could pan out for your client. That's where the services of a criminal defense investigator come in. Criminal defense investigators play a crucial role in an effective criminal defense case. The evidence gathered by an investigator can help a defense attorney establish reasonable doubt and earn an acquittal. When the attorney can focus on organizing and building a case, and can outsource the footwork to a trusted investigator, the odds of getting the truth and doing right by the accused are much higher.

read more › Our trained and experienced process servers ensure that your documents are served quickly and accurately. BrightStar Investigations, we will serve anywhere in the State of Colorado at any time, but our papers serving services is primarily conducted in Colorado Springs and greater El Paso County. There also is no limit to what we will serve. Our process servers have experience serving all types of papers in all types of scenarios. No matter what your situation is, we work aggressively at getting your papers into the hands of those who need them.

read more › Hiring a Private Investigator may seem a bit daunting at first. You may feel like you're the only one that's ever needed to do this. No need to worry! We've handled hundreds upon hundreds of cases - in fact, most of our clients have never called a Private Investigator before. Listed below is what generally happens when our new clients call BrightStar Investigations. When you first call BrightStar Investigations, you will be greeted by one of our receptionists. You will then be transferred to an investigator.

read more › Craig has the ability to track down a target's online footprint better than anyone in the industry. He is professional, timely and always exceeds my expectations when he assists with my cases! Craig is a stand-up professional who knows his craft and keeps abreast of emerging trends. He's a hard worker who can definitely think outside the box, which is essential in this line of work. Craig Smith with BrightStar Investigations worked for us on two projects utilizing internet investigation techniques.

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