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Buchanan Investigation Group Buchanan Investigation Group (BI group) is a Private Investigation Agency headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Founded on the principle that clients deserve the highest quality of service delivered by the best private investigators in the industry, Bi group employs only trusted and Licensed Florida Private Investigators. Our clients include individuals, attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and government agencies.

With BI group, you can trust that your interests are our highest priority. Our private investigators are seasoned professionals with expertise in family law investigations, infidelity investigations, alimony investigations, criminal defense investigations, surveillance investigations, complex interviews, witness statements, crime / fraud investigations, locating people and property, healthcare fraud investigations, cyber discovery, and legal testimony.

BI group endeavors to provide the clients with the highest quality of services without compromising confidentiality. We understand how important it is to be discrete as a private investigator.

read more › Buchanan Investigation Group is a full-service detective agency with a track record of delivering first-class investigative results throughout Florida. Even if you have never utilized the services of a Private Investigator, we can assure both a personal and professional touch, that facilitates all our client's needs. A favorite tourist destination, Florida has a population of nearly 20 million residents, so when covering an area this large, one needs the investigative services of the best detectives the industry has to offer.

read more › No one plans to need a private investigator. However, events such as Divorce, Custody Battles, Missing Loved Ones, Theft, etc. are facts of life. When they do occur, BI group can be trusted to provide discreet and professional investigative services to help resolve your situation. During divorce and even after divorce one of the biggest issues between ex's are the welfare of the children. Our investigators leave no stone unturned in making sure that all activities that impact the children are reported per the facts.

read more › High cost claims are a risk of every insurance carrier. However, if there is suspicion that the claim could be fraudulent, it pays to thoroughly investigate the facts around these cases. Our investigators are highly trained to obtain and document the facts, interview witnesses and all other involved parties including the claimant as well as obtain relevant medical records. The accident scene will be captured in pictures and diagrams and, including engineering specialists, will be utilized to fully illustrate the facts surrounding the accident.

read more › Buchanan Investigation Group provides an extensive range of professional investigations and services to businesses and corporations throughout the Jacksonville area and the State of Florida. Whether your firm is experiencing internal theft issues, corporate espionage, workplace violence, or you need professional screening for prospective employees, Buchanan Investigation Groups' experienced investigators will work with you to protect your business. Hiring the right employees is key for every successful business.

read more › BI group understands that lawsuits are won and lost by the credible evidence and testimony that is available. Our seasoned investigators support our Client's legal action by determining the truth, gathering the evidence and documenting the facts. We use capabilities such as video surveillance, canvassing, witness interviewing, locating persons for trial, service court documents and web / database searches to successfully investigate your case. Our investigators are also highly trained to testify on all facts discovered during the investigation.

read more › Look no further than Buchanan Investigations if you are looking for investigative services in Cape Coral, Florida. We have been exceeding the expectations of our clients throughout Lee County for years, and we take what we do very seriously. This city has grown from nothing more than an idea into one of the largest cities in the state of Florida. It is a great place to raise a family, and we are proud to be able to provide investigative services to local residents. We serve the entirety of the city, from Matlacha Shores to Lochmoor Waterway Estates, and we assure you that we will go the extra mile to get to the bottom of any situation that requires the expertise of a Cape Coral, Florida private investigator.

read more › You have found what you are looking for if you have been searching for a Clearwater, Florida private investigator. Our detective agency has been satisfying clients in this area for years, and we look forward to making many new connections in the future. This historic Pinellas County city has a unique character all its own, but it sits within a large metropolitan area, so the possibilities are endless. Though it is a great place to live, it can be difficult to enjoy everything that Clearwater has to offer if you have suspicions.

read more › We are glad that you found us, if you need a private detective in Lakeland, Florida you are certainly in the right place. Our detective agency has been building on our stellar reputation for many years, and we greatly value the relationships that we have made in this area. Without question, Lakeland is a fantastic place to live, with a rich history and countless recreational opportunities for people who enjoy aquatic activities. If you are in Fox Town, Branchborough, the Yates Road/Brooks Drive area, or any other section of the city, for investigative services in Lakeland, Florida, Buchanan is the only logical choice.

read more › You are in the right place if you are looking for a private detective in Miami, Florida. As locals are well aware, this city is one of the most fantastic places to live in the entire world. The climate allows people to enjoy outdoor activities like golf, fishing, boating, and tennis all year around, and of course, the beaches attract thousands of visitors each and every year. The culinary scene is extraordinary, and there are ongoing entertainment and cultural events to keep you busy. Recreationally, it is hard to top Miami, but it is also a great place to pursue a career path or start a business.

read more › Our private detective agency will be ready to spring into action whenever you need investigative services in Palm Bay, Florida. This Brevard County city provides residents with an extraordinary quality of life. The swimming season extends from March to November, and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities like golf and fishing all year around. In spite of the appealing nature of the area, the population is relatively modest, so you can enjoy all of the Sunshine State splendor without fighting any large crowds.

read more › Buchanan Investigations is the private detective agency West Palm Beach, Florida residents can rely on for effective, affordable, and discrete investigative services. We feel a very close connection to people in this extraordinary Palm Beach County community, and it offers so many benefits that it is hard to know where to begin. It is the home of the South Florida Science Museum and the Norton Museum of Art, and there is also a zoo and a water park in town. The Bel Air Historic District is a major point of interest, and the annual SunFest is always stocked with an extraordinary roster of world-class musical performers.

read more › For investigative services in Pembroke Pines, Florida, you can't go wrong if you partner with Buchanan Investigations. This Broward County city is a huge part of the most vibrant metropolitan area in the Sunshine State, and residents enjoy a host of benefits. There are countless business and career possibilities, cultural enrichment opportunities abound, and abundant outdoor activities are always beckoning. We have helped many people in this area over the years, and we look forward to making new friends as time marches on.

read more › For private investigative services in Port St. Lucie, Florida, you will always be able to rely on Buchanan Investigations. We have cemented our reputation as a premier private detective agency through hard work, dedication, and commitment to technological sophistication, and our investigations always yield results. This community offers residents a very high quality of life, with many golf courses, fine restaurants, and cultural enrichment opportunities. Plus, the vibrant economy makes it a great place to work or run a business.

read more › Welcome to our site, Buchanan Investigation Group is the private detective agency St. Petersburg, Florida residents can rely on for affordable, effective investigative services. Our private investigators understand the fact that discretion and confidentiality are very important to our clients. We have been doing what we do a long time, so we understand this dynamic thoroughly, and we respond accordingly. This Pinellas County city is one of the most desirable destinations in the entire state of Florida, and the weather is truly extraordinary.

read more › Your quest is over if you have been looking for a quality, affordable private investigator in Tallahassee, Florida. Our agency has been uncovering sensitive information for our clients for years, and we feel a very close connection to people throughout Leon County. Of course, the city is well known as the home of Florida State University, which is among the best places to attend college in the southern United States. The education that students receive is stellar, and of course, they also get to root for one of the most legendary college football programs that we have.

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