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Institute Of Computer Forensic Examinations Powered by Dan James, ICFECI is your first and last stop for expert investigative assistance in the current context where digital evidence dominates the legal scenario. Dan James, Certified Fraud Examiner, has excellent credentials backed by a firm commitment to help defendants put up a solid fight with the help of finely analyzed forensic evidence, proofs and expert investigative work in support of your case.

If you find yourself in an impossible situation, Dan and ICFECI can make the difference between light and darkness in your life. ICFECI is a specialist, pro-defendant organization with expertise in computer forensic investigations, cell phone forensic investigations and putting together rock solid, unimpeachable evidence that can help get you freedom, the most precious commodity.

Dan James, CFE, LCE was the former Chief Investigator, Computer Forensic Examiner, and Certified Fraud Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas. Founder of Institute of Computer Forensic Examinations and Criminal Investigations - Licensed Private Investigator (2013).

read more › ICFECI is the finest pro-defendant private investigative services you will find in Texas. Committed to supporting our clients from start to finish, we offer an array of services handled by experts with years of industry experience in the labyrinthine maze of criminal laws. Civil fraud and criminal litigation, white collar frauds, bank frauds, Ponzi schemes and similar. Criminal Justice Act Services (other than counsel) including investigative, expert or other services necessary for adequate representation.

read more › I am a trial attorney at the Federal Public Defender's Office in Dallas. I worked with Dan on cases for nearly eight years. From that experience, I am able to say that Dan is a tireless, thorough, and knowledgeable investigator. Whether it was a drug trafficking case or a cyber-crime case, Dan did a top-notch investigation every single time. Dan can find witnesses and persuade them to talk about the facts of the case. He can double and triple check the government's computer evidence. If there is evidence to attack the government's case or present an alternate theory, then Dan will find it.

read more › We believe in the criminal justice system. ICFECI is called upon to investigate all classifications of criminal cases. These investigations take us all around the globe, and often into the deep recesses of humanity and law enforcement. A wrongful conviction is a miscarriage of justice arising from a criminal proceeding. The defendant is convicted of a crime the defendant did not commit, and the error is often not proved until after the defendant's death or after the defendant serves a significant portion of jail sentence.

read more › The Institute of Computer Forensic Examinations and Criminal Investigations is Duly Licensed as Continuing Education CE Training School (Y15802201) by Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division. Additionally, ICFECI is a C.E. Provider registered (Registration Number : 2229) by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. ICFECI offers training in relation to computer/cell phone forensics and criminal investigations with primary focus on Federal Criminal Code and RULES, Title 18 § 3006A.

read more › If a crime, civil or criminal, is committed, there is likelihood of a cell phone being involved at some point. Cell phones or smart phones may play a peripheral role in crimes or, as is most often the case, prove to be crucial to the litigation. ICFECI, with its expertise in cell phone forensics, has the resources, expertise and equipment to extract data and interpret it for the purposes of being used as evidence. Any of this data could be of vital importance and could be a determining piece of evidence that influences outcome of trial proceedings.

read more › Frauds are classified as White Collar Crimes that may be subject to civil and criminal litigation. An individual may knowingly or unknowingly misrepresent or conceal facts resulting in an unfair advantage to him or his organization but in a decided loss or harm to the victim. In clear terms, fraud is intent to deceive victims with the aim of deriving advantage and depriving them of their right. Our Certified Fraud Examiner will carry out a thorough investigation into all aspects of the alleged fraud and compile evidence presented in a report admissible in courts of Law in Texas in order to represent defendants under Title 18, USC, Section 3006A.

read more › Civil fraud and criminal laws in the US are labyrinthine and complex. It requires knowledge and practical experience to interpret these and find out instances that would be helpful for a defendant, who, more likely than not, is convicted simply because of staggering complexity of laws and his lack of understanding. ICFECI has the manpower with in-depth knowledge of laws, teams with experience in civil fraud and criminal litigation, forensic crime investigation, the equipments for digital data recovery and examinations as well as submission in a manner that makes them admissible evidence backed by our personal appearance on the witness stand to convince judge and jury.

read more › We understand that finding the right representation can be difficult. ICFECI has, without question, earned a reputation by delivering what it promises. In conformity with Title 18, USC, Sec 3006A, ICFECI goes above and beyond the requirements for defending the rights of the accused. We are the solution you are looking for. It took law officials thousands of man hours only to come up empty handed in efforts to solve the BTK killer case, however, computer forensics solved the case in just hours. Dennis Rader was finally named in the murder of ten people.

read more › An accused is entitled to adequate representation by investigative services and by counsel under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). ICFECI is at the forefront in providing expert investigative services indispensable for adequate representation of defendants under Title 18, United States Code, Section 3006A, and Adequate Representation of Defendants. ICFECI's Dan James who once served as Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Examiner for the Office of the Federal Public Defender, Northern District of Texas, actively provides a range of investigative services comprising of litigation support, discovery, acquisition and processing of evidence into a report that is easily understood and admissible as evidence in courts of law.

read more › ICFECI firmly and unswervingly believes in the inalienable right of every human being to justice, especially if he is allegedly accused of crimes. We are committed to the effective representation of defendants under Title 18, United States Code, Section 3006A pertaining to Adequate Representation of Defendants. Justice must be served and a miscarriage of justice through inadequate evidence or wrongful application or interpretation is simply inadmissible. We help our clients succeed through our investigative collection of crucial evidence.

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