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Metro Intelligence Agency A sound reputation with my Private Investigation among lawyers, Corporations and community for over 25 years. State recognized Private Investigators Professionals who conduct business with above standards of ethics and integrity. Our Denver Private Investigators have the experience you expect; to include State recognized Private Investigators Professionals in various specific fields.

We demand that business be conducted with the highest standards, ethics and integrity. A nationwide independent review and study has named Metro Intelligence Agency one of the best Private Investigative Companies in Denver. Whether it's a simple research request or a very complex investigation, you can trust that your expectations will be met and exceeded!

Metro Intelligence Agency has State recognized Private Investigators professionals in a variety of specific fields. We continue to be the first choice in Denver Private Investigations. We are available throughout the State of Colorado and specialize in a diversity of investigative services.

read more › Metro Intelligence Agency is based in Denver but provides private investigators across Colorado and nationwide. Our databases and networking allows access to nationwide information from most government agencies and other proven resources more efficiently. In many cases information can be returned within twenty-four hours! We know investigative matters often involve highly charged, private situations and require discretion. We are sensitive to this and know how to minimize the stress in handling matters of a delicate nature.

read more › Re-interviewing is essential in any private investigation, especially where an individual is at risk of losing a lot and experiencing a major life change. Interviewing several weeks or months after an incident is very beneficial. We are dedicated to assisting the public in making educated decisions through legally accepted and preferred techniques. Our Private Investigators believe in treating everyone with the highest level or respect while encouraging truthfulness and not enabling deceptive behavior / statements to continue.

read more › Are you looking for accident private investigators who have the experience necessary to full fill your needs? There are few true accident reconstruction officers; therefore, Law Enforcement put very little effort in determining the course of events leading up to and after a crash. It's their job to aid the injured, determine if a crime or violation of traffic laws has been committed, write a ticket, and "let the insurance companies figure it out". Accident Reconstruction is a science based on several factors and circumstances.

read more › Often times we take law enforcement investigation's at face value. The general public does not understand the procedures associated with proper investigations and evidence collection. Although, errors are not intentional, we are all human, and we all make mistakes. Major crime scenes are very tedious, detail orientated, long hours, and human factors begin to take effect. Short cuts are taken, reports are not as thorough, and evidence is over looked-compromised - left behind- not photographed; the list goes on and on.

read more › There are a lot of "people finder" websites and most are not worth investing any money in while doing a criminal background. With internet search engines, social networking, or calling the County Assessor's sites, you will get just as much information going this route as you will by paying the "Instant People Search" websites. Save your money but won't have the resources that a private investigator would have, yes you might save money! But, is your safety for a loved one is worth a few bucks in doing just to save money!

read more › Metro Intelligence Investigation Agency, has one the most comprehensive network of criminal researchers, online applications, and system-to-system interfaces, you will have a screening background service company that's easy to work with, thorough and fast. A Pre-Employment Background Check has become such a necessity, even more so today. There are far to many employee's that make false claims on their job applications and resumes to attempt to cover up prior criminal activity. Metro Intelligency is showing a little of these "statistics' and why it is important to do a Employment Criminal Background check or just Criminal background check to be safe "period".

read more › I wanted to give you some background about who I am, who we employ, and what makes this agency unique in the industry. I was in corporate investigations for five years and a police officer for about a decade. During my law enforcement career I was appointed as lead fugitive officer, training coordinator, lead field training Officer, appointed to the drug intervention team, tactical team, and an investigator in narcotics. During my tenure we conducted covert operations and recon missions, in some of the highest risk environments.

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