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The process of gathering pertinent and useful information is often quite complex. Our mission is to provide you with a single source to discover the facts you need to make an informed decision in an efficient and expedient manner. At Coast Private Investigations, we offer the full range of investigative and analytical services to assist corporations, organizations, the legal community and individuals obtain critically accurate knowledge in order to assemble a clear picture on a path to resolve disputes.

Our job is to help you reach a reliable level of understanding of a situation, or locate individuals and historical facts or through experience assist you in planning and preparation for future strategies.

For corporations, organizations and attorneys, we can assist in M&A fact-finding, due diligence investigations, employee background checks, fraud, theft and embezzlement investigations, digital forensics, insurance surveillance, executive security, pre-trial investigations, witness and informant locating and interviewing, skip tracing, risk assessment and, as a state licensed armed private investigation agency, executive security.

read more › Every day, your business is vulnerable to internal and external threats that can disrupt the integrity of your operations, security, financial stability and reputation. We have a thorough understanding of company and organizational practices that can be valuable to you when uncovering the sources of misconduct that place your most important assets at risk. Beyond the corporate world, our investigative services are equally applicable to for-profit; non-profit; trade and consumer associations and community health and education organizations.

read more › Individual, family or contractual agreements can either be resolved by settlement or through the courts. But resolution requires a thorough fact-finding process to understand the true status of the situation. Whether the conflict revolves around wills; tenant/landlord agreements; property disputes; law infringements and altercations; personal harassment or knowing the true history of individuals in advance of committing to a future relationship, we are available to provide you with a complete set of facts.

read more › While criminal cases can be settled before the formal judicial process begins, most are adjudicated by the courts and many are appealed. We are ready to assist corporate or private counsel in investigating the facts pre and post-trial and in backgrounding for malfeasance or authority abuse; white collar crime; drug trafficking; criminal profiteering or in any criminal action litigation in the realm of corporate or personal indiscretions.

read more › Coast Private Investigations, LLC derives from a different disclipline than most firms of its type. Rather than based on law enforcement experience, Coast Private Investigations is based on extensive experience in business issues and focuses largely on corporate, legal and personal developments. While the backgrounds may be different, the knowledge required for a State license to practice is exactly the same. With over 35 years experience in senior level strategic public information management and as a Washington State licensed private investigator, Gary Odegard has extensive experience with some of the most widely known brands and organizations in the world.

read more › We are not law enforcement. We have no more authority in the real world than does the private citizen. The training, testing, background checks and certification process we go through in order to obtain and maintain State certification is meant to set us apart as individuals who are committed to unbiased professionalism and integrity to the state and federal laws under which we operate. 2. We are not magicians. We gather details through available information. We can only obtain it where it's available.

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