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Since 2010, Witness Investigations has been a leading provider of investigative services in Syracuse, New York. With 20+ years of industry experience and a team of experienced investigators, we are capable and prepared to handle your case today. We offer a wide range of surveillance solutions for insurance, domestic, infidelity, child custody, school residency, political & corporate theft, medical malpractice, liability, and various specialized surveillance cases.

We leave no stone unturned during a background investigation. We utilize a wide range of databases, public records, court records, innovative research techniques and confidential sources. Our social media searches uncover virtually every trace that an individual leaves online. Unlike other companies that run automatic searches, our investigators comb through every result, analyze the findings for pertinent information, and prepare a report delivered to you that sets us apart from any other company.

Our professional bug sweeping services include residential, business, and vehicle bug sweeps that will uncover the truth and give you peace of mind if you suspect your residence or office has a microphone bug, there is someone watching you, your phone lines are tapped, a GPS tracker has been placed in your vehicle and more.
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