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When it matters most to you it is best to take action and hire a private investigator. In the United States in 2017 $9,567,412,611 in stolen property went unrecovered, 651,226 persons were reported missing and 6,012 murders went unsolved. Whether you point the finger at law enforcement and criticize them as being ineffective or defend and empathize with them being overworked and understaffed - neither approach will produce results if you are one of the victims awaiting answers.

Don't wait until it is too late. Hire a private investigator today!

read more › The term "background check" has become almost synonymous with "criminal records check", however, a thorough background investigation provides much more information about the subject of the investigation then could ever be revealed through a basic criminal records check. Whether you are screening an applicant for suitability for employment or trying to determine whether an individual has a history of being involved in fraudulent activity Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC can help.

read more › Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC routinely use both public and fee based on-line databases to obtain data on persons and organizations. Our staff are extremely effective at extracting pertinent data for our clients and presenting it in an easy to use and understand format. Are you looking for a licensed Louisiana Private Investigator to assist with conducting database research? Don't waste anymore time. Contact us today!

read more › Our experience in the field of investigation allows Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC to perform field interviews for wide variety of situations and claims. Whether it is the witness to an automobile accident, police brutality or a work site injury we are trained at conducting thorough and meaningful interviews to assist you with evaluating the merit of a claim. Interviews can be recorded, transcribed and summarized depending on your specific needs. Questions can be tailored to fit your desired purpose and provide the specific information you are seeking.

read more › Public records can unmask a wealth of information about a person or organization, but knowing how to research and locate information in the public record can get complicated. Further, navigating the Louisiana public records law which sets forth many exemptions can also be challenging. The staff of Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC are extremely familiar with public records and the avenues for obtaining them. Because obtaining public records can often times be very expensive our staff will comb through the records to locate the information you desire and report back.

read more › Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC collect courtroom admissible evidence through the use of surveillance techniques. We document the subject's activities in an unbiased manner and provide any surveillance videos taken to our clients along with a detailed report of activities which may have been observed, but not captured on video. Are the subject's activities consistent with his version of events? Is the subject really injured? Are the subjects activities consistent with the injury they are claiming/ Is the subject really working or are they involved in other activities?

read more › Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC is one of the only investigative agencies that offers obtaining sworn statements for our clients. The legal field is driven by procedure and evidence. In order to be successful it is necessary to have properly gathered evidence which complies with procedural guidelines established by law. In Louisiana a sworn statement may be introduced into evidence in support or opposition to a motion for summary judgment, however, an unsworn statement may not.

read more › The length of time between when an accident or incident takes place and when the witness is needed to testify at trial in a matter often is years. In many instances witnesses relocate and locate them can be a difficult task. Integrated Security and Investigative Specialists, LLC can assist with locating crucial witnesses. Whether the subject needs to be located for further investigation or to provide a sworn statement, deposition or trial testimony we are prepared to help you. We offer both database locates and field locates at reasonable prices to fit your needs.

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