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Tired of making the wrong choices in your personal life? Going through a divorce or child custody case? Need help screening your new hires? Increase your odds of success by hiring a licensed private detective with law enforcement experience in Memphis, Tennessee. We have over 22 years of experience helping individuals, businesses, and industries all over the U.S. with our private investigation, missing person and background check services.

With our background in law enforcement, we have the knowledge and experience to uncover the facts you need to make intelligent decisions in your personal life or at work. We know the right questions to ask, we know where to look to get information, and we have the instincts and training that will get you the answers you are looking for. We work with a variety of clients from all different walks of life.

Our clients are individuals, businesses, and industries who seek to uncover details or to verify factual information. If you are having trouble with a loved one, are involved in a legal dispute such as divorce or child custody, need to locate a missing person or family member, or need help with employee screening then you might want to call and talk to us.

read more › Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, right? Find out the facts and don't leave yourself open to pain, heartache, or other costly mistakes that can that have a negative or lasting impact on your life or business. If you need to locate a missing person, are going through a divorce, suspect your partner of adultery, or are facing a difficult child custody case, let us help you to uncover the facts so you can break free. Call today to schedule an appointment to receive help with private investigation services today!

read more › Because we have a law enforcement background, and we are a licensed private detective, we have the ability to help you with all your personal and business investigative needs with our background check services. We can navigate the maze to remove the haze and uncover the facts. We help you by uncovering evidence you can use such as photos and documentation that you can use in court, if needed. Are you looking for a mate and think you found the right person? We can assist with pre-marital background checks so you have peace of mind before you say 'I Do.' We can investigate their financial health, if they've filed for Bankruptcy, and confirm if they truly own assets they've discussed with you.

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