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Goodenow Associates Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Goodenow Associates Investigations LLC is a full service Hawaii detective agency and has been conducting investigations for government agencies, corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, attorneys and private individuals in Hawaii since 1966. Goodenow's staff is composed of experienced multilingual professionals from a variety of fields; including law enforcement, legal, electronics, finance, intelligence and human resources.

Total staff input is utilized on each case to provide our clients with the most informed results.

read more › Goodenow Associates Investigations LLC provides legal investigative support for attorney clients in all types of criminal matters. Throughout the investigative process, both at the pre-trial and appellate court stages, Goodenow Associates Investigators provides its clients most efficient criminal remedies.

read more › Goodenow Associates Investigations LLC has positioned itself as a leader in the field of Computer Crime Investigations, offering legal solutions and their effective civil remedy and/or criminal prosecution. Skilled investigators know where to find evidence and how to manage it through proper chain-of-custody techniques. Expert investigators skilled at acquiring and delivering evidence from hostile and friendly environments. Expert, knowledgeable testimony gained from hundreds of hours training, casework, and on the witness stand for some of the world's largest corporations and law firms.

read more › Before settling or even approaching a lawsuit, Goodenow investigators will assist in the implementation of a legal strategy by combining expertise in data extraction, information processing, and electronic evidence protocols to ensure a strategic advantage for your client in evaluating and responding to investigations and lawsuits. Goodenow enables clients to collect, recover, process, and review electronic data regardless of media type and without recreating the native environment. Competitors must recreate the hardware and software environment of the original document meaning additional time and cost requirements.

read more › Goodenow Associates Investigations LLC offers a wide range of investigative services for corporate clients and their HR and Legal Departments. Our leading edge investigators assist your Corporation in all areas including: fraud, theft of proprietary information, and human resource services, pre-employment backgrounds, and undercover operations. Usage of a system including web sites visited and unauthorized activity is analyzed and categorized. Skilled investigators know where to find evidence and how to manage it through proper chain-of-custody techniques.

read more › Goodenow Associates Investigations LLC offers unmatched assistance to law enforcement agencies. Agencies around the world are scrambling to train their agents to properly engage in computer forensics and network intrusion cases. Goodenow assists Law Enforcement Agencies around the world in these areas. A vast range of cases, including runaways, homicides, child pornography, and financial fraud all have a computer in there midst. In all of these cases, as well as endless others, a computer is involved somewhere.

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