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Providing confidential, comprehensive, professional investigative services to the legal, corporate, and insurance communities as well as discerning individuals on a local and national scale. We are a nationwide professional organization of investigators & contact tracers connected through mobile app technology - the only solution merging technology with a nationwide team of investigators.

Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. can employ its rapid response DELTA TEAM (Detectives & Experts for Legal Trial Assistance) on a moment's notice. Our team of highly experienced and skilled investigators will be the first with BOOTS ON THE GROUND to handle your investigative and informational tasks in a timely, professional, discreet manner.

We have a staff of professional legal investigators that can help secure business and insurance assets from fraudulent activity, assist in internal investigations, provide thorough background checks and provide accurate vetting of potential partners, investors whether they be individuals or other companies.

read more › Since 1998 Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. has provided confidential, comprehensive, professional investigative services to the legal, corporate, and insurance communities as well as discerning individuals on a local and national scale. Background and Due Diligence - Check and/or confirm civil, criminal, work, addresses, and family history, business affiliations, bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, and more. Corporate - Background checks, dishonesty, sexual harassment, drugs, white collar crime, internal theft, undercover and competitive business intelligence.

read more › Each year U.S. Corporations lose billions of dollars to fraud and embezzlement. In this ever increasingly global economy, threats to you company's well being can come from other countries as well as from within. At Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. we strive to protect the integrity of your company's assets, data and personnel. Our team of highly skilled investigators will coordinate with your corporate counsel, auditors, and/or internal staff to corroborate evidence, evaluate documentation, mitigate risk, and formulate strategies.

read more › Gain peace of mind when it comes to domestic and marital issues that threaten you or your families physical and financial well being. If you suspect your spouse or significant other of infidelity, have suspicion of anyone misappropriating family assets, or abusing children or elders, you need to call us right now. If you are already in a divorce proceeding and want to more effectively protect your parental rights, reputation, financial well being or personal property, you need to call us right now.

read more › We specialize in hard to locate individuals with over a 90% Success Rate on service of process. When attorneys, law firms, corporations or discerning individuals have needs for locating and effecting service of Process they turn to the highly skilled investigators, skip tracers, and process servers of Kevin W. McClain Investigations, Ltd. Our team has over 200 years combined experience locating the most difficult subjects and effecting service upon the same. We specialize in hard to locate individuals.

read more › Client charged with Capital Murder. Our six month investigation was able to develop numerous witnesses that helped rebut the states case. A thorough review of the discovery disclosed serious flaws in the States case. A meeting was arranged with the State and the defense team. The defense team was allowed to demonstrate to the State our Claim of Innocence. The client was asked to take a polygraph and passed. The case was dismissed. Note- This was the first time in Illinois that a Death Penalty case was dismissed prior to trial since the Capital Litigation Trust Fund was enacted in 2000.

read more › Hear a veteran Criminal Defense Investigator and national speaker with over 21 years of experience in 70 Death Penalty cases discuss the Field Investigation concepts, methodologies, and techniques. This dynamic power point presentation takes the participants through the initial meeting and the preparation and ability to identify relevant issues that should be considered, i.e. phone records, surveillance cameras, blood evidence, crime scene preservation. The participants will learn a new proven methodology known as "Frame By Frame Analysis, " that will assist them in understanding how to dissect discovery.

read more › Our growing list of satisfied clients from major law firms, attorneys, Fortune 500 companies, large and small companies, major insurance providers and discerning individuals speaks volumes for the results we deliver each and every day. Endorsement from Jeffrey Urdangen, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Northwestern University School of Law. The law firm of Burnside, Johnston & Sheafor, PC has worked closely with Kevin W. McClain Investigations for the past ten years. They are extremely professional and responsive to our needs.

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