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CK Investigations, LLC provides the outstanding results that you look for when selecting a Wausau, WI, private investigator. As an established private investigator, we have the experience and the skills to deliver results in a timely and discreet manner. No matter your reasons for utilizing our services, we treat each client with the compassion and consideration they deserve.

We never judge our clients, and we pay attention to details so as to leave no question unanswered. We strive to exercise good judgment, never placing your privacy or safety in jeopardy as we handle your case. Whether you want to catch a cheating spouse or run a background check on a prospective employee, our Wausau, WI, private investigator can get the job done.

Call CK Investigations, LLC during our flexible hours when you need our quick responses.

read more › The best investigators combine in-depth knowledge and experience with integrity and diligence, and those words describe our firm precisely. We take pride in our outstanding reputation and consistently give our clients a strong reason to recommend us to others. When you collaborate with us on your investigation, you can trust that we'll employ time-tested technology and techniques to produce results. Our investigators are highly trained and bring a wealth of experience to your investigation. They operate under the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, and they make effective communication a priority so you are always aware of your case's status.

read more › No one likes to think about a spouse being unfaithful. But sometimes the signs are too hard to ignore. Whether you need to know the truth as part of divorce proceedings or you just want some peace of mind, you can count on our licensed, professional investigative team in Wausau, WI to conduct a discreet surveillance of your spouse. Our infidelity investigation services are designed to give you all the information you need to plan your next move. We also understand that infidelity is a sensitive, emotional matter, and when you work with us, you'll benefit from our compassionate approach to all that we do.

read more › It's an unfortunate fact that insurance fraud is a lot more common than most people realize. If you suspect that you've been the victim of insurance fraud, or if you're a company looking to get to the bottom of a suspicious claim, we can help. Our private investigators in Wausau, WI are equipped to delve deeply into your insurance fraud matter so that you get the answers you need to take appropriate action. Whether you're a private individual or an insurance company employee, you may not have the time to investigate your matter thoroughly.

read more › Whether you're a lawyer or a paralegal investigating a legal matter, you can benefit from the legal support services offered by CK Investigations, LLC. We work hard to help professionals in Wausau, WI uncover the facts they need to pursue their legal options. Even if you have the tools and skills to uncover the information you're looking for yourself, you may not have the time or energy the job requires. Let us help ease the burden by assisting you on your hunt for information. Our legal support services run the gamut from financial investigations to witness location services.

read more › Do you have a friend or a loved one who's gone missing? At CK Investigations, LLC, we're here to help. Our dedicated private investigators in Wausau, WI are ready to dive in and devote themselves to locating the person you're looking to find. What sets our team members apart is the energy and conviction they bring to the table. We understand that a lot is riding on our services. And we also realize that situations involving missing persons can be complicated, sensitive, and emotional. That's why we take a thorough, meticulous approach to our missing persons investigations.

read more › For a Wausau, WI, detective with flexible hours and unmatched experience, look no further than CK Investigations, LLC. As an established detective, we can quickly respond to get the answers you need with our detail-oriented approach. Whether you need our services for proof of infidelity or for workers' compensation proceedings, we have the tools and skills to serve a variety of clients. We have a reputation for using the utmost level of discretion and good judgement in our work. We understand the sensitive nature of the cases that we handle, and we won't jeopardize either our client's safety and well-being or our reputation.

read more › If you're looking for a Wausau, WI, process server who can deliver important documents to hard-to-find parties in your legal dispute, you'll find everything you need at CK Investigations, LLC. With more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement, we know how to locate people and get the job done. With our background in law enforcement, we understand the importance of serving documents in a timely and organized fashion. Our process servers go out of their way to exceed client expectations, and we handle each client's case with an unmatched level of dedication and professionalism.

read more › Each year, employers lose significant amounts of money paying out fraudulent workers compensation claims. False claims can do more than just cost your business and insurers money; they can also create a culture of dishonesty and suspicion in the workplace. If you have reason to believe that a workers comp claim filed against your company may be fraudulent, come to CK Investigations, LLC. As a private investigation service in Wausau, WI, we have the tools to uncover the truth so that you can protect yourself financially.

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