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Work hard to get the information you need, so you can make your best decisions. I locate reluctant witnesses, locate video that might have been taken by an ATM, or cell phone. When you work with Discovery Services Investigations, you'll find I am thorough, creative and professional. I have a 25+ year reputation for investigative effectiveness and results.

Worcester, Boston, or Provincetown, Cape Discovery Services Investigations. Get help, now! Call a licensed, experienced MA private investigator now. One is available to discuss your specific investigative needs. See what others are saying on our Testimonials page. Did You Know. It's a common business practice. MA private investigator will work on your investigation.

Don't settle or anything less. 1 A MA private investigator will confirm the receipt of your case, and begin within 24 hours. 3 An investigative report prepared by your investigator, if needed, for your use in court. 4 You will keep you informed of the progress of your investigation.

read more › Clients know that I work hard at establishing a rapport with their clients, witnesses and all those I interview. They also know I generally get them the information they need. Even those who prefer not to be found. For domestic and marital investigations: We generally will only accept these cases from Attorneys.

read more › Does -your- MA private investigator give you this experience? Most MA private investigators have a law enforcement background. They don't really know anything about insurance claims, unless they've files a claim, themselves. Are these the investigators handling your investigation? Call Discovery Services Investigations at (413) 788-4988. Another agency can assign your investigation to an unlicensed, inexperienced employee. Don't take the chance of that happening. During an activity check, your private investigator gathers information regarding the claimant in an quick, cost-efficient manner.

read more › Need an experienced MA private investigator because you need to know the truth? Suspicious that someone you trust, isn't being truthful? Call Discovery Services Investigations today at (413) 788-4988. Because you need information that will help you to make your best decisions. Is a partner or business associate being dishonest? You deserve the truth, and Discovery Services private investigator (MA) will work diligently to get proof of the truth. See how Discovery Services Private Investigations is different from other investigative agencies.

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