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If you need to find a licensed and experienced Private Investigator or Protective Agent in Minnesota, you have come to the right place. Our members are highly trained and can be trusted to provide you with expert and professional service in confidence. This years Fall Conference was held at Treasure Island Hotel, and members enjoyed great classes on Privacy law from NCISS President Wes Beardon, learning more about Death Investigations from Dean Beers, a presentation from Woodbury, MN Police Sgt.

Scott Melander on Crowd Control and Security, our popular CPR and First Aid class taught by MAPI Member Bruce Olson, and PI Board Updates. Members also enjoyed a Boat Cruise Wednesday night. We have recently formed a Professional Affiliation with the Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI) which allows our members educational training and business referral opportunities.

We have provided a link to the Membership Directory for FAPI and recommend their members for investigative and security related work in the State of Florida and beyond, as they have several members who are investigators in other states and countries.

read more › The Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and Protective Agents is a non-profit corporation organized under and pursuant to the provisions found in the Minnesota State Non-Profit Corporation Act. MAPI was initially organized and founded by a group of private investigators interested in building career awareness through shared resources and educational opportunities. MAPI was exclusively organized as a fraternal association for educational, political, legal and social purposes. The corporation works solely for the benefit of its members and respective industries.

read more › This map is intended to help you find a MAPI Member who is an expert in your particular coverage area. MAPI Members often work together to share cases or get assistance from others who have more expertise in certain areas. Finding an Investigator or Protective Agent that is located near your intended coverage area will minimize travel expenses. Once a MN PI or PA License has been obtained the the Member may upgrade to Regular Membership for an additional $20.00 annual fee. In most cases you should attempt to contact the primary contact for the business when initiating contact with a Private Investigator or Protective Agent.

read more › MAPI monitors and keeps you posted on the latest proposed, pending and enacted legislation affecting our profession. When new legislation affecting our industry is introduced, MAPI is there letting your opinions be heard! MAPI sponsors an annual Convention and several 1-day and 2-day Seminars at different locations throughout the State at various times during the year. These programs include important training and continuing education programs featuring prominent lecturers, and consistently offer a variety of CE Credit Courses from which to choose.

read more › Each individual applying for license must meet all of the state statute-specified qualification requirements to be accepted. Each person must have a record free of felony convictions, and no record of conviction for any offenses that are stipulated in statute. The applicant must supply a $10,000 Surety Bond (private detective/investigator for fee) at the time their application is made. All applicants must be of good character, be honest and have the highest level of integrity. Each applicant must pay new license fee and any other charges currently mandated by the Minnesota state legislature.

read more › Advertise in Sponsors area - High visibility area for immediate impact to create leads and sales. Your ad will be approximately size of sample ad on the sponsors page. If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact us and we will set up your company logo along with a link to your website from our sponsors page. MAPI sponsors have opportunities to meet with our members at MAPI Events, and to provide materials and information to them about their business. For more information on how you or your business can become a MAPI Sponsor, visit our Payment page to get started.

read more › Once complete, you will be shown the link to purchase your membership. This helps keep our records in order and makes it clear who the membership is being purchased for. Current Members, please use the Application link and proceed to make a membership renewal payment in that section. Sponsor logos are randomized, and a different set is shown upon page refresh. Sponsorship is only open to PI/PA Industry Related Businesses and Vendors. Embroidered MAPI Logo shirt types are available in Men's 2 xx, XL, & Large, and in Women's Large & Medium, and in the blue colors noted.

read more › Perform the duties of a licensed Private Investigator and Protective Agent to the highest level of excellence. Conduct investigations within the legislative guidelines set forth in the laws and rules of the State of Minnesota. Make sure each client clearly understands the services that will be provided, what is expected, and the fees that will be charged. A full and accurate accounting of fees and expenses will be provided upon the client's request and in a timely manner. Safeguard the confidentiality of each client and any information that may come into the investigator's possession.

read more › Several options for attendance and classes were available, and a Missisippi River boat cruise was enjoyed by many. Attendance prices ranged from $75-$200, depending if members wanted to attend online, or in-person with CPR/First Aid Training and the Boat Cruise. TX based Attorney/Investigator & NCISS President Wes Beardon will attend IN PERSON and will give a Presentation on Surveillance Law and Privacy Updates and NCISS Federal Law updates. CO Certified Death Investigator Dean Beers will present a course on Motor Vehicle Death Investigations via Zoom.

read more › Answer - Not only does MAPI provide excellent Board Approved Continuing Education Training, we offer Professional Networking opportunities to those in the Investigation and Security Industries in MN, and several other Member Benefits and Discounts that are frequently being added. Answer - Not only do active MAPI Members have the opportunity to participate in Bi-Annual Professional Continuing Education Training, but they are held to a Code of Ethics and Standards, and also are part of a Network of the "Premier" Investigators and Protective Agents in Minnesota who can often work together to assist their Clients to receive the best results in a cost effective manner.

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