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Gary Litton Private Investigators We have been in business for over 45 years. Our name is well known throughout the area. Our team is honest, trustworthy, family-oriented, Christians that want to do you a good job and save you money. When we present the facts of the case to you, you'll be singing our praises and will refer us to others that are going through similar situations. When you're making the difficult decision to hire an investigator, no words to say it better than the Boy Scout motto of "be prepared."

You may have received information that can be life-changing. That fact-based information may call for you to make choices that affect your home, family, or work. We are one of the efficient private investigation companies that abide by the law and provide effective solutions. Our private investigators in Tennessee treat each case as if it were our own personal dilemma.

Our rates are affordable. We know what evidence you need to win your case. We make the judges' job easy when the proof is on the big color screen.

read more › We are a full-service private investigation firm. We specialize in divorce, child custody, workers' compensation, theft, and internal espionage. Our philosophy is that of the Boy Scouts "be prepared" and nothing says it better. Leverage moves mountains, and having the right information when the time comes is just like having a screwdriver to open a can of paint versus trying to pry it open with a quarter. We conduct criminal investigations, take accident photographs, do witness locates and interviews.

read more › Our rates are customized to each individual situation, and it depends on the type of case that you have. The more information you have, the less you have to spend. There are many identifiers that we look for in a drug case. We need to see where the individual goes and who they meet with in order to determine that. Getting them help is the next step. We are certified to conduct drugs test for individuals. Our store provides us with all the clandestine devices we need to do our job and capture video inside areas that you would not normally carry a video camera.

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